Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Storm Doksuri kills at least 11 people and leaves 27 people missing in Beijing rainstorms


BEIJING: Chinese state media reported on Tuesday that heavy rains in Beijing have left at least 11 dead and 27 missing.

After the deadly rainstorms ravaged the capital, military helicopters have been deployed to deliver supplies to train passengers who are stuck.

Since Friday, when it struck southern Fujian province after slicing through the Philippines, Storm Doksuri, a former super typhoon, has been moving northward over China.

Weighty downpours started walloped the city and encompassing regions on Saturday, with almost the normal precipitation for the whole month of July unloaded on Beijing in only 40 hours.

On Tuesday, state telecaster CCTV refreshed the general loss of life for the capital, detailing that "weighty rainfalls killed something like 11 individuals, 27 are absent".

A tactical unit of 26 warriors and four helicopters sent off an "airdrop salvage mission" in the early long periods of Tuesday to convey many food bundles and rain coats to individuals abandoned in and around a train station in Beijing's hard-hit Mentougou region, state telecaster CCTV detailed.

"On July 31, regions in Beijing including Fangshan and Mentougou experienced serious harm water, making three trains get caught on their courses, and street traffic in certain areas was totally cut off," CCTV revealed.

The telecaster was running live pictures on Tuesday morning of a line of transports half lowered in floodwater in Beijing's southwest Fangshan area.

Around 150,000 families in Mentougou had no running water, the nearby Socialist Faction paper Beijing Everyday said Tuesday, with 45 water big haulers dispatched to offer crisis supplies.

On Monday, footage of the frantic scenes aboard high-speed rail trains that had been stuck on the tracks for up to 30 hours was shown by local media, with passengers expressing their dismay at having run out of food and water.

- High alert - Beijing and adjoining Hebei region were watching out for potential threats short-term for rainstorms, with meteorological specialists advance notice of expected streak floods and avalanches.

According to the Beijing Daily, on Monday, the city put a flood control reservoir into action for the first time since it was built in 1998.

In Handan, Hebei territory, heros lifted by crane arrived at a man caught on his vehicle in floodwaters on Sunday, lifting him to somewhere safe and secure before the vehicle was flipped and washed away by the ebb and flow.

China has been encountering outrageous climate and posting record temperatures this late spring, occasions that researchers say are being exacerbated by environmental change.

Specialists had cautioned that the deluge could provoke surprisingly more terrible flooding than in July 2012, when 79 individuals were killed and several thousands emptied, as per neighborhood media.

The nation is now getting ready for the appearance of another hurricane - - Khanun, the 6th such tempest of the year - - as it approaches China's east coast.

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