Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Commercial LPG prices have been reduced by Rs 99.75, however home cylinder prices have remained unchanged


Delhi, India: According to sources, public sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have announced a price increase for commercial LPG, bringing the cost of 19 KG commercial LPG gas cylinders down by Rs 99.75.

Then again, the costs of homegrown LPG chambers will stay unaffected.

The retail sales price of a 19-kilogram commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi has been set at Rs 1,680 as a result of the new prices, which will go into effect on Tuesday.

Interestingly, the Oil advertising organizations have chosen to keep homegrown cooking gas rates unaltered, according to insider data.

The new rates will go into effect on August 1 for both domestic and commercial LPG cylinders, which are subject to monthly revisions on the first of each month.

The costs of homegrown cooking gas were keep going reexamined on Walk 1 this year.

The cost of each commercial LPG gas cylinder increased by Rs 7 in July. In any case, no progressions were made to the costs of homegrown LPG chambers.

Before this climb, there were two successive cost cuts for business LPG chambers in May and June this year.

The cost of a commercial LPG cylinder was reduced by Rs 172 in May by OMCs, and then by Rs 83 in June. ANI) With immediate effect, prices for commercial LPG cylinders were reduced by Rs 83.50 to Rs 1,773 per 19 kg unit on June 1.

However, domestic cylinder prices remained unchanged.

Oil showcasing organizations for the most part change LPG costs on the principal day of each and every month. Homegrown cooking gas costs change from one state to another relying upon neighborhood charges.

The cost of commercial LPG cylinders was reduced by Rs 171.50 in May by petroleum and oil marketing businesses.

In April, their costs were likewise diminished by Rs 91.50 per unit.

On Walk 1 this year, oil and oil advertising organizations raised the costs of business LPG chambers by Rs 350.50 per unit and homegrown LPG chambers by Rs 50 for every unit.

The costs of business chambers were keep going diminished on September 1 last year by Rs 91.50. On August 1, 2022, the costs of business LPG chambers were additionally brought somewhere around Rs 36.

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