Friday, August 18, 2023

During the Southall Indian Independence Day celebrations, an Indian Sikh is accused of stabbing two people

 LONDON: A Sikh man has been accused of ownership of a blade and cutting two men during India's Freedom Day festivities in Southall. The police said the Sikh, Gurpreet Singh, is an Indian public.

The identity of the wounded men has not been affirmed yet both must be owned up to medical clinic. Unconfirmed recordings via web-based entertainment show conflicts between a small bunch of supportive of Khalistan activists and an enormous gathering of youthful Indian-beginning men waving the tricolor on Tuesday during the customary August 15 festivals in Southall Broadway.

A representative for the Metropolitan Police told TOI on Thursday: " At around 10 pm on 15 August, officials were policing an Indian Freedom Day road occasion in the Broadway, Southall, when an individual from the public educated them regarding a fight that had occurred. They tracked down two men, in their 30s, with blade wounds. They were taken to clinic where their wounds were evaluated as not perilous. They have since been released."

Two men were captured at the scene.

Gurpreet Singh (25), who dwells in Ilford, showed up at Uxbridge justices' court on August 17 accused of endeavored unfortunate real mischief with expectation, two counts of egregious substantial damage with goal, affray, dangers with a bladed article, and two counts of ownership of a bladed article. He has been remanded in guardianship to show up at Isleworth Crown Court on September 14.

The other captured man, in his 20s, has been delivered on police bail awaiting additional enquiries.

Following the episode a Segment 35 dispersal request was approved nearby.

Video film via web-based entertainment from prior at night shows a cheerful scene of a huge horde of PIO people paying attention to "Jai Ho" through amplifiers and waving the tricolor. Another video shows youthful PIO men yelling "Hindustan Zindabad", enclosing themselves by the Indian banner and yelling "Jai Shree Smash" onSouthall Broadway and walking past the railroad station and neighborhood gurdwara, which has a picture of Bhindranwale on the outside.

However at that point, as per the recordings, things went crazy when a couple of men with Khalistani banners went head to head against the tricolor-conveying swarm. A video on Instagram by "Southall's Best" shows four to five men, holding yellow banners with Khalistan written in Devanagari script on, going head to head against a gigantic horde of youthful PIO men holding the tricolor and afterward the tricolor-holding men pursue one of the men holding the Khalistan banner. The video shows the police pursuing them and a gathering of men should be visible pummeling and kicking one man as police attempt to intercede.

Director Sean Lynch, answerable for neighborhood policing in Ealing, said: " I perceive the huge concern this episode will have caused, both in Southall and in the Sikh people group around London and further away from home, in what was a generally to a great extent quiet and celebratory occasion. Our dire examination proceeds. We know about film coursing via virtual entertainment, with individuals likewise remarking on their thought process occurred. We would ask individuals to try not to repeat or adding to theory. Luckily, none of those harmed were genuinely harmed and there were no fatalities."

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