Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Venice has received the 'heritage sites in peril' designation from Unesco

 Experts from Unesco have suggested that Venice and its lagoon be added to the World Heritage in Danger list because Italy is not doing enough to protect the city from climate change and mass tourism. Unesco World Legacy Place specialists consistently survey the condition of the UN social organization's 1,157 World Legacy destinations, and at a gathering in Riyadh in September, a board of trustees of 21 Unesco states will audit more than 200 locales and choose which to add to the peril list.

The experts recommend that member states place nearly 10 of these locations on the danger list. These locations include the historic center of Odessa, Ukraine, the town of Timbuktu, Mali, and a number of locations in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. This year, the cities of Kyiv and Lviv should also be added to the danger list.

The Italian government's proposed corrective measures, according to Unesco, are "insufficient." A representative for the Venice region said it "will painstakingly peruse the proposed choice".

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