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Exclusive | Ahn Bo Hyun discusses what love means to him in See You In My 19th Life


Last seen as the fanatic analyst Pil Do in the activity spine chiller My Name, Ahn Bo Hyun as of late declared his relationship with Blackpink's Jisoo.

There is no keeping the developing fame from getting South Korean entertainer Ahn Bo Hyun. His new turn as Website design enhancement Ha, a lovelorn young fellow damaged by his past and the deficiency of his most memorable love in See You In My nineteenth Life had an enduring effect on fans.

Yet again yet no sooner did the show finish up its 12-episode run with heavenly appraisals, and Website optimization Ha finds his genuine affection, it appeared reel and genuine had converged for the entertainer. On Aug 3 Ahn Bo Hyun's office reported that the entertainer was involved with Blackpink's Jisoo. The announcement overwhelmed the web with the couple administering patterns across stages.

In a high stakes industry, given the free for all and the hyper focal point of the paparazzi, South Korean entertainers are known to be mindful with regards to disclosing their confidential lives. Jisoo, 28, a prominent and pursued star, opening up to the world about her own life, was a break from show, yet in addition an indication of times. Gradually, numerous South Korean big names limited by severe agreements are backing themselves out of the shackles of being observed by their organizations..

For devotees of Ahn Bo Hyun, it was a revelation. Quite possibly of the most encouraging and rising star in K-dramatizations, he has made his mark, with his spate of ongoing hits like My Name, Yumi's Cells and Military Examiner Doberman, exhibiting his adaptability. The entertainer, who stays under the radar, his online entertainment being the main knowledge into his accommodating character, had likewise kept his hidden life forbidden.

As fans and K-show enthusiasts can't get enough of the new couple around, it has returned to work for Ahn Bo Hyun. In a selective meeting to the Indian Express, he discusses the outcome of his theatrics, his affection for the activity kind and the prominence of Korean substance.

Studio Winged serpent's See You In My nineteenth Life, a transformation of the webtoon by Lee Hello, is the account of Jieum Boycott (Shin Hye Sun) who has the one of a kind capacity to see her previous existences. Be that as it may, in her eighteenth life, as a 12-year-old, she experiences a desolate kid, the 9-year-old Website optimization Ha. After her unfavorable demise, she vows to meet him once more, in her nineteenth life. Ahn Bo Hyun plays the adult Website optimization Ha who is burdened by the stuff of his past.

The entertainer concedes that playing Web optimization Ha was no simple undertaking. " I generally endeavor to assume different personalities to develop and show new parts of myself. ' See You in My nineteenth Life' was certainly not a simple venture to join, yet as an entertainer, it was a significant encounter where I could take advantage of myself and express the numerous feelings".

Last seen as the stalwart investigator Pil Do in the activity spine chiller My Name, the entertainer admits he needed to play a genuinely satisfying person for his next. " I have consistently respected and delighted in chief Lee Na-jeong's creations like Mine, Battle My Direction, Gracious My Venus, so this was an astonishing an open door. My last job made them paper areas of strength for an extreme picture, so I figured depicting an alternate person this time would be perfect. To likewise get it and synchronize myself with Web optimization Ba, I alluded to the first webtoon and attempted to remain dedicated to the content. I even lost 8 kgs, and chipped away at other actual perspectives, to show his picture".

While he concedes his personality in My Name, who is solid outwardly and a softie on the most fundamental level, was nearest to him, in actuality, Search engine optimization Ha's saved and delicate nature impacted him. He says love is family for him, and in a prior QandA on his YouTube channel, had expounded on what he searches for in a lady. " Regarding the older folks and having great habits, that is my optimal kind. Regarding their own folks as well as being aware to all seniors overall," he had said.

A beginner fighter, Ahn Bo Hyun's process started through displaying in 2007. Featuring in 2016's hit series Relatives of the Sun, his breakout job came in 2020's Itaewon Class. He played the main bad guy Geun Won, the mind boggling and unreliable successor to a combination.

The entertainer says he is ravenous for good work. " There are as yet many characters and stories that I have not yet experienced, so it makes it hard to choose with regards to what I need to attempt straightaway. In the event that the open door emerges, I might want to challenge myself with a legitimate bad guy job in an activity or noir sort. Having been a competitor I would like utilize my abilities and actual solidarity overall quite well."

South Korean substance has seen a dramatic ascent on review diagrams across streaming stages around the world. As K-pop and K-shows develop into a flourishing type on the worldwide standard diversion stage, the entertainer says it is a great chance to be a piece of the business.

"South Korean creations are a repository of extraordinary materials and different stories, and the streaming stages have been favorable in assisting K-dramatizations with getting a billet around the world. Through those stages, our shows have gotten positive reactions and has prompted their enormous fame. As an entertainer, I'm thankful for the help and consolation, and it persuades me to take a stab at far better exhibitions later on", he says happily.

The entertainer will be next found in the lighthearted comedy Gold Spoon, scheduled for a 2024 delivery.

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