Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Sandeep Lamichhane, who is accused of rape, will not be traveling with Nepal to the Asia Cup


NEW DELHI: Nepal cricket crew on Tuesday left on their excursion to Pakistan for the ODI Asia Cup. Be that as it may, they are without their unmistakable twist bowler because of his legitimate circumstance.


Sandeep Lamichhane, matured 23, who was beforehand an image of Nepal's cricket progress, is confronting claims of assault and is committed to stay in Nepal to stand preliminary. The occurrence being referred to includes a 17-year-old young lady and supposedly occurred in a Kathmandu lodging in August of the earlier year.

Lamichhane keeps up with his honesty and discredits all allegations against him.

"Since there is a body of evidence against him sub-judice at the court, he isn't going with us now - - he likewise has some medical problems," Pradeep Majgaiyan, chief of the Cricket Relationship of Nepal, told journalists in front of the group's flight.

Lamichhane is supposed to go to the forthcoming trial with respect to his case on Sunday. Following this, there is trust that he could possibly rejoin the cricket crew for the ODI Asia Cup competition.

The Asia Cup, highlighting six countries, is planned to occur between August 30 and September 17 in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Nepal, thought about longshots in the cricketing scene, is taking part in the competition.

As per Chhumbi Lama Majgaiyan, an authority related with the Nepal group, there is as yet a window of time before the competition begins, and Lamichhane could get the opportunity to rejoin the group later.

Lamichhane, who was recently suspended as the public commander and captured, was delivered on bail in January subsequent to having to deal with penalties connected with supposed assault.

Nepal along these lines lifted his playing boycott. Under the states of his bail, Lamichhane has had the option to travel abroad, including to Zimbabwe for the World Cup qualifiers.

In spite of the fact that Nepal didn't get a spot in that frame of mind over masterpiece occasion in India in October, commander Rohit Paudel certified that Lamichhane's put on the crew stays in salvageable shape.

"It has not been settled at this point that he won't play," Paudel told a public interview.

"We are confident that he will play - - he is actually an effective and large player for our group. He has helped win a few counterparts for us. In this way, we really want to believe that he will go along with us later."

Nepal open the competition confronting has Pakistan on August 30 at Multan.

A success at their introduction Asia Cup would be a fantasy for the cricket-frantic South Asian country, whose side will contend with top countries including India and Pakistan.

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