Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Lenovo is developing a handheld gaming system called 'Legion Go' that is similar to the ROG Ally

 A new Windows 11-powered handheld gaming console, similar to the ROG Ally, is being developed by Lenovo, according to rumors.

Lenovo to before long get Asus together with its own Windows-fueled handheld gaming console — Army Go running. As per a report by Windows Focal, the new handheld gaming control center will contend with Valve's Steam Deck and the as of late sent off ROG Partner and will send with Windows 11 operating system.

It appears as though Army Go will be fueled by AMD's new Pheonix APUs, which depend on RDNA3 designs engineering and are generally sold as Ryzen 7040U or Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen Z1 Outrageous.

To give you a speedy recap, AMD as of late uncovered its Pheonix chip setup, which is the world's most memorable chip with committed man-made intelligence motors. Named Ryzen man-made intelligence, the chips use 'nearby dispersed memory' to offer higher data transfer capacity and further developed proficiency. In 2021, Lenovo was apparently dealing with an Android-controlled handheld gaming console called 'Army Play'.

The report suggests that the handheld gaming device might have an 8-inch Full HD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, there are no other details about how the Legion Go might look. This implies Army Go may be greater as far as aspects contrasted with the Steam Deck and ROG Partner, the two of which sport a 7-inch show.

It is as yet indistinct if and when Lenovo plans to disclose Army Go, so we should keep a watch out.

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