Monday, August 14, 2023

President Bazoum will be "prosecuted" for "high treason," according to the Niger military administration


NIAMEY: Niger's upset chiefs that overturned Mohamed Bazoum said late Sunday they would "indict" the dismissed president for "high conspiracy" and "sabotaging the security" of the country.

The system said it had accumulated proof that it would use "to indict the removed president and his neighborhood and unfamiliar associates before the skillful public and global bodies for high conspiracy and subverting the inside and outer security of Niger," as per an assertion read out by Colonel-Major Amadou Abdramane on public TV.

Bazoum has been held in his official home alongside his child and spouse since the day of the upset.

Military pioneers said they had not assumed control over Bazoum's home and that he was still allowed to speak with the rest of the world. Bazoum had gotten customary visits from his primary care physician, they said.

A counsel occurred on Saturday, as indicated by a guide to the removed president.

"After this visit, the specialist raised no issues with respect to the condition of soundness of the ousted president and his relatives," the military added.

The removed pioneer has said he was being held "prisoner" without power and had just rice and pasta to eat.

The commanders likewise hammered the "unlawful, unfeeling and embarrassing approvals" forced by West African provincial coalition ECOWAS, which has suspended monetary and business exchanges with Niger.

Niger's system said the approvals were denying the nation of medications, food and power.

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