Thursday, August 31, 2023

Workers at a historic department store protest a sale as Japan witnesses a rare strike

 TOKYO: The first major walkout in decades, workers at a major department store in Tokyo went on strike on Thursday after negotiations with management over the planned sale of their company fell through.

Exactly 900 laborers at the leader Seibu store in the clamoring region of Ikebukuro are fighting the idea of the arranged offer of their organization Sogo and Seibu, a unit of retail goliath Seven and I, to U.S. store Fort Speculation Gathering.

They are looking for work and business congruity ensures, discontent with announced plans for markdown gadgets retailer Yodobashi Possessions to take over generally 50% of the store.

Pundits, which remember neighborhood authorities for Ikebukuro, contend that such a change would likewise undermine the store's picture. Yodobashi is Post's accomplice in the arrangement.

The strike - the first at a significant Japanese retail chain in 61 years - followed a very long time of dealings between Sogo and Seibu the executives and the laborers' association.

In Japan, where wage and working conditions are typically settled amicably, strikes are extremely uncommon.

Seven and I was sorry for the strike in an explanation and said Sogo and Seibu would keep on holding converses with the association.

The other department stores of Seibu and Sogo remained open as usual.

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