Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Three Bulgarians are accused in the UK of spying for Russia

 LONDON: Three Bulgarian residents living in Britain who were captured in February on doubt of secret activities offenses have been accused of having bogus personality records, the Metropolitan Police said Tuesday.

Orlin Roussev, 45, Bizer Dzhambazov, 42, and Katrin Ivanova, 32, were arrested after they showed up last month in a court in London.

The triplet is associated with working for Russian security administrations, BBC and different media detailed. The charges claim the three had misleading archives among 34 bits of distinguishing proof in their control.

BBC said records, including travel papers and personality cards, were from the UK, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and the Czech Republic. BBC said the three had been living in the UK for quite a long time.

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