Friday, September 1, 2023

Petrol prices in Pakistan have increased by roughly Rs 15 and HSD prices have increased by Rs 18

 ISLAMABAD: According to Dawn, the caretaker government of Pakistan has increased the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) and gasoline by Rs 18.44 per liter.

The petroleum cost is currently at Rs 305.36 per liter and HSD at Rs 311.84 per liter, the Service of Money said in a post on X (previously Twitter) after 12 PM.

Kerosene and light diesel oil rates were not subject to change.

The cost increment comes closely following an all around huge climb on August 15 when the interval government raised fuel costs by up to Rs 20 for every liter. That leap in oil costs had come after comparable climbs by the past government on August 1, as per Sunrise.

The cost climb depends on existing duty rates and import equality costs, mostly in view of cash deterioration and a slight inc-rease in global oil costs.

The rupee on Friday kept on expanding misfortunes, sliding another Rs 1.09 against the US dollar in the interbank market. It shut at a record low of Rs 305.54.

The rupee has lost 4.6% since the caretaker system was implemented. Through August, the rupee lost 6.2 percent.

In the mean time, First light as of late detailed that Pakistan's transient expansion has risen 27.57 percent on a year-on-year reason for the week finishing on August 17 generally because of a flood in petrol costs, showed the authority information delivered on Friday.

The expansion, be that as it may, decelerated from the former week's 30.82 percent.

On seven days on-week premise, the week by week expansion, estimated by the Touchy Value File (SPI), rose 0.78 percent, showing a rising pattern for the beyond four sequential weeks.

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