Monday, September 11, 2023

Taiwan claims a Chinese carrier group is training in the Western Pacific

 TAIPEI: According to the Taiwanese defense ministry, on Monday, a Chinese naval formation led by the aircraft carrier Shandong traveled 60 nautical miles (111 kilometers) to the southeast of Taiwan and entered the western Pacific for training.

The service said that start at 5:40 am, it additionally spotted 11 Chinese military airplane, including J-16 contenders, in Taiwan's air guard recognizable proof zone and that its powers had made an "fitting reaction".

The Shandong, charged in 2019, took part in Chinese military drills around Taiwan in April, working in the western Pacific. In June, it also passed through the Taiwan Strait.

Saturday saw a warship from the United States and a warship from Canada pass through the Taiwan Strait. This was the second such joint mission since June and came as the leaders of both countries attended the G20 summit in India.

As a response to what it calls "collusion" between Taiwan and the United States, China, which has never renounced the use of force to bring Taiwan under its control, has increased its military activities near the democratically governed island.

Taiwan unequivocally debates Beijing's power claims.

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