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Story about weight loss: A new mother who weighed 100 kilos during pregnancy lost 25 kilos in just 5 months!

During her pregnancy, Kriti Sonali, 32, weighed as much as 100 kilograms. She tells Etimes Lifestyle, "During my pregnancy, I gained about 25 pounds and had severe postpartum depression." Her health and self-esteem suffered as a result of her excess weight.

I was trying to lose weight after having a baby. Additionally, I got impacted by Coronavirus in April-May 2021. It really made me realize how important it is for me to pay attention in order to improve my health. Through Facebook, I discovered the stunning fitness community Reshape Nation. Got on a call with my mentor, grasped the things, wanted to begin, and it was likely the best choice of my life," Kriti shares.

Name: Kriti Sonali's profession is: Age of Journalist: 32 Inches 5'6

City: Bengaluru's record-setting weight: 100 kilos during pregnancy, but she started losing weight in June 2021 at 85 kilos. 25 kilograms How long did it take me to lose weight? 5 months, the same diet every day My breakfast: Eggs, nuts, salad, and smoothie for lunch My dinner: Normal vegetables and protein cooked at home with buttermilk and salad. Soup with a lot of vegetables and protein, as it is typically prepared in an Indian kitchen, and a shake with plant-based protein. Meal before exercise: Black coffee as a meal after exercise: Nothing unambiguous

Low-calorie recipes I depend on: A cauliflower or zucchini base pizza

Exercise plan

Kriti uncovers that the greater part of her weight reduction occurred due to keeping up with her eating regimen. She nonetheless attended the gym "as my schedule allowed me then." The gym was not for weight loss but for strength training.

Kriti's fitness tips include eating the right foods at the right times. It means a lot to zero in on working on your wellbeing rather than " simply weight reduction or weight gain. In the same way that not everyone who is lean is fit, not everyone who is fat is unhealthy!

How do you maintain your drive?

According to Kriti, "the amazing results and the changes I saw in the form of better health from within, kept me going." Kriti says that she keeps her diet "interesting and my plate full and colorful always" in order to stay on track with her diet plan. 

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