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By defeating Daniil Medvedev, Novak Djokovic captures the US Open for his 24th Grand Slam victory


In New York: Novak Djokovic rose up out of a thrilling and depleting US Open last with a 24th Huge homerun title on Sunday night, utilizing each ounce of his energy and a serve-and-volley cunning to move beyond Daniil Medvedev 6-3, 7-6 (5), 6-3 in a match that was more firmly challenged than the straight-set score showed.

Djokovic, a 36-year-old from Serbia, moved one significant singles title before Serena Williams to turn into the principal player to win 24 in the Open time, which started in 1968. Margaret Court likewise gathered a sum of 24, yet 13 of those preceded experts were confessed to the Hammer occasions.

— usopen (@usopen) Djokovic appeared to be faltering at times, particularly during the one-hour, 44-minute second set, which was more about tenacity than talent. After probably the most exhausting focuses — and there were numerous — he would hang over with hands on knees or utilize his racket for help or interruption to extend his legs.

Djokovic became the oldest male US Open champion in Open history with this victory over Medvedev, the opponent he defeated in the Flushing Meadows final in 2021 to halt a bid for the first men's calendar-year Grand Slam in more than 50 years.

"First of all, Novak, I'd like to inquire: What else are you doing here? Medvedev kidded during the prize show.

Djokovic's fourth title in New York, where he couldn't contend a year prior since he isn't immunized against Coronavirus, goes close by his 10 prizes from the Australian Open, seven from Wimbledon and three from the French Open, expanding his lead on the men's Hammer list. Rafael Nadal, who has been sidelined since January with a hip issue that expected a medical procedure, is next with 22; Roger Federer finished with 20 victories after announcing his retirement last year.

— usopen (@usopen) Following the conclusion of the match, Medvedev tapped Djokovic on the chest while they conversed at the net. Djokovic dropped his racket, raised his arms, and then kneeled with his head bowed on the court. And afterward the festival was on. First he tracked down his little girl for an embrace. His child and spouse came straightaway, alongside his group.

Soon, Djokovic was sporting a shirt that read "24" and "Mamba Forever" in honor of the late NBA star Kobe Bryant, who wore that number on his jersey. Furthermore, on top of that went a white coat with a similar huge number stepped on the chest.

— usopen (@usopen) Djokovic was as good as ever this season, going 27-1 in the sport's most prestigious events: The only setback was a defeat to Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final in July. Djokovic will move up to No. 1. Alcaraz, who was the defending champion at Flushing Meadows but was defeated by No. 1, moved up to No. 1 in the rankings on Monday. 3 Medvedev.

Toward the beginning Sunday, with the Arthur Ashe Arena retractable rooftop shut due to rain in the conjecture, Djokovic was agreeable as anyone might imagine. He didn't show any signs of the event weighing on him, nor did he show any signs of the tension he admitted briefly developed in his semifinal matchup with unseeded American Ben Shelton.

— usopen (@usopen)

His excellent development great as could be, each stroke just along these lines, Djokovic emerged as the best version of himself. He took 12 of the first 16 points, three with perfectly placed, fast aces and four with 10-stroke or longer exchanges, giving him leads of 3-0 and 4-1.

Medvedev, conversely, appeared to be tight, jumpy, the circling swings of his white racket separating over and over, whether on a triplet of twofold blames in the initial set or during the lengthier places, other than on one 37-shot to and fro that finished when Djokovic flickered, staggering as he flubbed a strike.

— usopen (@usopen) Outside of that, Djokovic was as consistent as a metronome, anticipating nearly everything that came his way and scurrying around to retrieve and respond in his usual manner.

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