Friday, September 1, 2023

Ghazni province of Afghanistan's Ajristan district lacks any school structures, according to a report


KABUL: There are no structures for schools in the Ajristan region of Afghanistan's Ghazni territory where large number of understudies should concentrate on in tents or revealed regions, TOLO News detailed.

The Afghan news channel TOLO News is based in Kabul.

According to true measurements, around 5,000 understudies are concentrating on in 13 schools in Ajristan.

Top of the area division of schooling, Mohammad Hanif Hanafi, said: " We have 13 schools. Not a single one of them have a structure. They are living in tents and the tents are additionally not even enough."

TOLO News went to the area and talked with the inhabitants. According to the Sultan Mohammad Khan High School principal, the students are also having trouble due to a lack of books, notebooks, and other resources.

The head, Abdul Jalil Jalal said: " We have almost 600 understudies in this secondary school. There are between four to five tents. Nobody has helped us."

"There is downpour in the period of Hamal (Walk 22 to April 22). We are changing our area to keep examining," said Abdulhudod, an educator, according to TOLO News.

"We approach the public authority to fabricate us a compound and tackle our concerns in general. Give us books, and journals," said Shamsullah, an understudy.

Another understudy, Arafatullah, said: " We can't go to the school while it's pouring in light of the fact that our school doesn't have a compound."

Afghanistan's Taliban-delegated common lead representative, Hafiz Mohammad Amin Omari, said that endeavors are in progress to address the difficulties for understudies in Ajristan.

"There are difficulties about the schools. We have imparted these difficulties to the schooling division," he said.

In view of figures from the Ajristan Branch of Training, there are somewhere around 13 schools, 60 nearby classes, one significant theological school and 12 neighborhood theological colleges. There are a sum of 7,000 understudies including young men and young ladies who are learning at these instruction places.

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