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Katrina Kaif, according to Vicky Kaushal, is the daughter his parents have always desired: Mein beti mil gayi

 Vicky Kaushal as of late said that his life has become more vivacious and blissful subsequent to wedding Katrina Kaif. He likewise shared how his folks have a girl in her.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are one of the most-adored Bollywood couples. The two had a marvelous wedding in December 2021, and from that point forward, their lives have changed, however for good. Katrina is the little girl that Vicky's folks, Hoax and Veena Kaushal, consistently cared about.

During a new connection with Aaj Tak, Vicky uncovered that he has not changed in the wake of wedding Katrina, but rather his life has certainly become 'more exuberant'. "There is a joy in life," he declared. What's more, similar to my folks generally say, 'Humein humesha se ek beti chahiye thi, humein vo beti mil gayi (We generally needed a girl. Thus, we got a girl).' In this way, indeed, it is an excellent inclination to be hitched."

Vicky, who frequently compliments Katrina and is in wonder of her knowledge and shrewdness, added, "I generally believe her to be my best of luck. Presently, I'm 24×7 with my best of luck. In this way, it's an extraordinary inclination."

Katrina Kaif doesn't dislike Vicky Kaushal's female fans

Likewise, Vicky, who is very famous among young ladies, has never confronted any resistance from Katrina at whatever point a female fan communicates her adoration for him. The Uri star says his better half Katrina appreciates that her significant other is cherished by such countless individuals and she believes this affection should become as it were.

"She wants that love to grow," he said. That adoration is unique. The crowds' affection… we are really buckling down just to increase that adoration."

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif kept their relationship hidden before at last reporting it upon the arrival of their wedding, December 9, 2021. For Vicky, the three days of his wedding celebrations were the "most joyful" three days of his life.

Vicky is right now occupied with advancing his forthcoming film The Incomparable Indian Family, which is booked to hit performance centers on September 22. He plays a devotional singer in the movie who is fed up with girls taking his blessings just because he sings at religious events. Katrina, then again, is good to go to get back to the cinema with Salman Khan in the third portion of the Tiger establishment, Tiger 3. She likewise has Sriram Raghavan's Happy holidays with Vijay Sethupathi ready to go.

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