Friday, September 8, 2023

Veteran of the L'Oreal company Guha will lead a unit in the UK and Ireland

 MUMBAI: Manashi Guha has been appointed as the managing director of L'Oreal's consumer products division (CPD) in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The appointment, which takes effect on October 1, reflects the emerging global leadership talent from the SAPMENA (South Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa) region. The region, which is home to 40% of the world's population, is one of L'Oreal's fastest-growing worldwide and a global talent hub.

Guha most recently served as a founding member of the SAPMENA zone management committee, a brand-new zone established in 2021 to serve as the L'Oreal Groupe's strategic growth region. She laid out CPD's essential mission for the new zone, taking advantage of tremendous market potential where half of the world's new customers will come from, the organization said in an explanation. "Manashi will bring to her new assignment an entrepreneurial mindset, consumer centricity, agility, passion for innovation and excellence" with her leadership experience in emerging and rapidly evolving markets, particularly India and Indonesia.

L'Oreal has also established itself as a talent hub in India. As of late, the organization raised Vismay Sharma as president, SAPMENA, and Asmita Dubey as boss computerized and advertising official. Guha had previously held positions with General Mills, Avalon Consulting, and Lotte Confectionery prior to joining L'Oreal India in 2008.

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