Monday, September 4, 2023

After a six-month station stay, four astronauts board a SpaceX capsule and return to Earth


CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA: Four space travelers got back to Earth early Monday following a six-month stay at the Global Space Station.
Off the coast of Florida, their SpaceX capsule descended into the Atlantic via parachute.
Returning were Nasa space explorers Stephen Bowen and Warren 'Woody' Hoburg, Russia's Andrei Fedyaev and the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates' Ruler al-Neyadi, the main individual from the Bedouin world to invest a lengthy energy in circle.

Prior to leaving the space station, they said they were wanting hot showers, steaming cups of espresso and the sea air since showing up in Spring. The bad weather at the splashdown locations caused their homecoming to be delayed by a day.

SpaceX sent off their substitutions a while back.

The long-awaited homecoming of two Russians and one American who have been up there for a whole year will bring about another crew change later this month. Their visit was multiplied after their Soyuz case released its coolant and another art must be all sent off.

Seven astronauts live on the space station during crew changes.

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