Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Sunny Deol posts a video of himself 'having fun' while on vacation amid rumors that he may take Dharmendra to the US for treatment. Watch


Entertainer Radiant Deol is on an excursion with his folks Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur.

Sunny Deol, an actor who is enjoying the success of Gadar 2, recently went on vacation with his family to the United States. The entertainer on Wednesday shared a video of himself having a great time during his get-away via virtual entertainment. As he left for the US with his folks, there were gossipy tidbits about him taking Dharmendra for some clinical treatment. However, the actor's team dispelled the rumors.

The video that Bright common on Instagram makes them bother his companion for requesting pizza. He claims that if he were in an Indian hotel, he would have ordered a lot of food, but all he gets is a pizza. On this, his companion tells him, "Alright, I will get you an In&Out burger."

The actor appears to be having a good time in the video, sporting a pullover, a t-shirt, and a cap. Deol wrote, "Pizza Party," in addition to the video. Having a good time. Simply be senseless. ENJOY. 🥳😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️❤️." A devotee of the entertainer found the manner by which he says 'pizza' interesting and others gave him love. Additionally, one of them wrote, "Border 2 ke liye pizza party."

On Tuesday, Bright Deol's representative affirmed to that the entertainer is set for US for a vacation, "Radiant paaji has gone for a family occasion to the US with Dharam ji and his mom. Dharam ji is solidness and good, and nothing remains to be stressed. Sunny paaji gets a little annoyed when he reads reports about his father's health because they are on vacation together. A couple of reports likewise recommend that the entertainer has taken his folks to meet their girls, Vijeta and Ajeita, who live in the US.

After Jawan's release, Gadar 2, which has enjoyed a record-breaking run at the box office, is beginning to slow down. In 33 days, the Anil Sharma executive has acquired Rs 516.08 crore.

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