Monday, September 11, 2023

Israel is prepared for the effects of climate change

 In Tel Aviv: The Climate Change Preparedness Directorate met at the Ministry of Environmental Protection to promote the creation of a national climate change plan and prepare for anticipated sea level rises.

Board individuals addressing different government services, nearby government and industry agents talked about the proposed steps of the public environmental change readiness plan at the gathering. The process starts with the government ministries making their preparedness plans. It is based on insights that came from the ministries' work and an international comparison that looked at the best preparedness plans from all over the world.

Ecological Assurance Clergyman Idit Silman: " In order to combat climate change and prepare for the changes that will come with it, we are determined to pass a climate law with binding goals from the UN climate conference in Dubai. These goals will lead to zero emissions and the promotion of renewable energies."

"It is impossible to ignore the abrupt and extreme weather and climate events that occur all over the world, like the unusual heat waves Israel experienced this summer. Israel is a small, dense state whose environment spans sectors and borders. We should work with the participation of government services and nearby government to appropriately plan. The climate law will raise Israel's standing among developed nations and advance the fight against and preparation for the climate crisis."

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