Friday, October 27, 2023

As the "toll tops 7,000," Biden declares that he has "no trust" in Hamas' Gaza death toll

 WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he has "no trust in the number that Palestinians are utilizing" for the loss of life in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, where the wellbeing service says no less than 7,028 individuals have been killed in Israeli assaults. Biden was asked at a White House public interview whether the passing count, which the service says incorporates nearly 2,913 youngsters, implied Israel was overlooking US requests to decrease regular citizen passings in its barrage of the waterfront territory.

"... I'm certain honest people have been killed, and it's the cost of pursuing a conflict," Biden said. "( The) Israelis ought to be amazingly mindful so as to be certain they're zeroing in on pursuing the people that (are) engendering this conflict against Israel. Furthermore, it's against their advantage when that doesn't occur," Biden added.

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