Thursday, October 5, 2023

Charges against a New Mexico police officer for shooting a black nurse

 New Mexico's principal legal officer has accused a cop of deliberate murder in the shooting demise of a Dark medical caretaker during a battle last year in which police say the medical attendant took an official's taser.

Las Cruces cop Brad Lunsford supposedly shot Presley Eze, a 36-year-old Connecticut man working in a Las Cruces nursing home, toward the rear of the head in August 2022 at a service station. The officials had halted Eze after a worker detailed he shoplifted a brew from the station, as indicated by police records and video.

State Head legal officer Raul Torrez on Tuesday said the killing was an outlandish utilization of power and one more illustration of "unfortunate police strategies."

Torrez said in an explanation that his office talked with utilization of-force specialists who presumed that lethal force was not sensible in the conditions.

Eze is among Dark Americans killed by police as of late whose passings have ignited fights and a recharged push for social equality and checks on police severity.

Lunsford was set up for the charge and delivered on Tuesday, a representative for Torrez said.

Luis Robles, a legal counselor for Lunsford, expressed that during a battle Eze fell on a subsequent official, attempted to take the official's handgun, then took his taser as Lundsford endeavored to pull Eze off.

Lundsford dreaded he and the subsequent official could be tasered and conceivably shot with one of their own handguns while debilitated, Robles said,

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