Friday, October 27, 2023

IPL player auction on December 19, with a sum of Rs 100 crore for each team: Examine

 NEW DELHI: The player closeout for the 2024 time of the Indian Head Association (IPL) will be held in Dubai on December 19, with each establishment to have an expanded satchel contrasted with last season, as per ESPNcricinfo.

It will be the primary occasion of an IPL sell off being held abroad. The Indian group will be on its visit through South Africa during that time and is planned to play the second ODI of the visit on a similar date.

According to the report, the satchel for each establishment has been expanded to Rs 100 crore, which is a raise of Rs 5 crore contrasted with last season, while the groups have been given the cutoff time of November 15 to deliver their arrangements of held and delivered players.

The cash spent by each establishment from their satchel in the bartering will "rely upon the worth of players they discharge, notwithstanding their unspent tote from the 2023 closeout", the report added.

PRESENT Satchel OF Groups

Punjab Lords: Rs 12.20 crore

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Rs 6.55 crore

Gujarat Titans: Rs 4.45 crore

Delhi Capitals: Rs 4.45 crore

Lucknow Super Monsters: Rs 3.55 crore

Rajasthan Royals: Rs 3.35 crore

Regal Challengers Bangalore: Rs 1.75 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders: Rs 1.65 crore

Chennai Super Rulers: Rs 1.5 crore

Mumbai Indians: Rs 0.05 crore

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