Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Sri Lanka launches a free visa program for China, Russia, and India


NEW DELHI: Indians can now visit Sri Lanka without a visa as the public authority has declared that they are giving sans visa section to guests from India.

Taking to X, previously known as Twitter, Sri Lanka's Unfamiliar Pastor Ali Sabry said that they are giving new visas for guests from seven nations including China and Russia.

"Bureau endorses giving of free visas to India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand with quick impact as a pilot project till 31 Walk," the priest said on X.

Last week, the Service of The travel industry declared that a Bureau Paper had been introduced during the past Bureau meeting, proposing the issue of free vacationer visas to outsiders from five nations who mean to visit Sri Lanka as sightseers, ANI revealed refering to Day to day Mirror.

The Bureau additionally proposed to present an e-tagging framework for the vast majority of the traveler destinations in the country soon, the service said, revealed neighborhood media.

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