Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Atlee: "I might do a dual-hero movie with Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan as my next project"

 Atlee affirmed that Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan have given their gesture for a double legend film assuming that he is intending to do one.

In front of Jawan's delivery, there were many bits of hearsay about Vijay doing an appearance in Shah Rukh Khan's film. It was said that the Tamil star went for a mystery plan for Chennai, where the tune "Zinda Banda" was shot. After the arrival of Jawan, there were hypotheses that the two geniuses were acting in a movie, coordinated by Atlee. Presently, the chief himself has affirmed that he is dealing with a content for a film including both the stars.

In a meeting with famous Tamil television moderator and YouTuber Gopinath, Atlee uncovered an update about the SRK-Vijay film. During the Chennai timetable of Jawan-when "Zinda Banda" was shot-the chief additionally commended his birthday with Shah Rukh and Vijay in participation. " I called Vijay Anna and welcomed him to the party, and he said he would make it without a doubt. Thus, when he came, Shah Rukh sir and Anna examined among themselves and called me. Shah Rukh sir told me on the off chance that I at any point have plans of coordinating a double legend film, the two of them are prepared for it. Vijay Anna likewise said, 'Ama dad'. Thus, I'm dealing with it. It very well may be my next film," Atlee said.

He added, "I'm striving to concoct a content for it. How about we see."

In addition, Spiro Razatos, the Hollywood activity choreographer, who worked in Jawan, evaluated the film for a portion of his high-profile companions in Hollywood. " One of the studios has moved toward me for a film. Thus, that is additionally going on," the chief said.

Atlee has up until this point coordinated five movies in his profession, and every one of them have ended up being blockbusters with Jawan procuring more than Rs 1100 crore in the cinema world. It is one of the top-earning Indian movies right now with Dangal, Baahubali 2, RRR, KGF possessing the initial four positions.

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