Thursday, November 30, 2023

Elon Musk claims that he will not be supporting Joe Biden in the 2024 election

 Elon Musk said he can't imagine himself deciding in favor of President Joe Biden in the 2024 political race.

"I figure I wouldn't decide in favor of Biden," Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc, expressed Wednesday at the New York Times Dealbook meeting. He'd been inquired as to whether he could see himself projecting a polling form for Biden in a speculative matchup with previous President Donald Trump, the conservative leader.

Inquired as to whether that implied he would decide in favor of Trump, Musk challenged. " I'm not saying I'd decide in favor of Trump," he added with a discernible moan. " This is certainly a hard decision here."

Musk has said he decided in favor of Biden, a leftist, in 2020 however the two men have had a quarrelsome relationship since the president got to work.

Biden has seldom referenced Musk or Tesla, the world's driving electric vehicle maker, in any event, while talking about issues including the auto business or the organization's endeavors to advance EVs. Biden welcomed the CEOs of the Passage Engine Co and General Engines Co to the White House for an occasion in 2021 however didn't stretch out a solicitation to Tesla.

That irritated Musk, who refered to the organization's censure on Wednesday. Without "successfully incite the Biden organization, they held an electric vehicle highest point at the White House and explicitly wouldn't allow Tesla to join in," Musk said. " Biden proceeded to make an already difficult situation even worse and openly said GM was driving the electric vehicle insurgency."

Biden offered uncommon commendation for Musk recently, when the automaker opened piece of Tesla's charging organization to other electric, a move the president called a "serious deal."

"Much obliged to you, Tesla is glad to help different EVs by means of our Supercharger organization," Musk answered in a post on X, then Twitter. He purchased the virtual entertainment organization a year prior.

Since Biden has gotten to work, Musk has tried to court impact with conservatives and is a long-lasting giver to previous House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He's likewise offered acclaim for the majority of Biden's political enemies and urged people in general to decide in favor of a GOP Congress in the 2022 midterm decisions.

He has lauded conservative competitors looking for the selection, including Florida Lead representative Ron DeSantis, who reported his bid on a livestream with him.

Musk on Wednesday however said he wouldn't back previous South Carolina Lead representative Nikki Haley, considering her a "favorable to control competitor."

Haley's mission didn't promptly answer a solicitation for input on Wednesday night.

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