Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Qualcomm co-founder gives SETI Institute $200 million to explore for extraterrestrial life


The SETI Establishment has gotten $200 million from the bequest of Qualcomm fellow benefactor Franklin Antonio to help as its continued looking for extraterrestrial insight.

The SETI Foundation on Wednesday reported that it got an endowment of $200 million from the bequest Qualcomm prime supporter Franklin Antonio, who died on May 13, 2022. Antonio handed down the sum to the foundation to help with its quest for clever outsider life.

The California-based SETI Establishment, established in 1984, is a non-benefit association that looks to comprehend the "starting points and pervasiveness of life and knowledge" in the universe. The establishment participates in both physical and natural sciences examination and utilizes information investigation, AI and high level sign discovery advances as its continued looking for keen life beyond the Earth.

It has in excess of 100 researchers who are working across 173 separate projects in six significant logical disciplines — - space science and astronomy, exoplanets, planetary investigation, astrobiology, environment and bio-geoscience and the quest for extraterrestrial knowledge which is where it gets its name from.

The establishment in May this year led its "A Sign in Space" venture to plan for what to do in the event that we get a message from an outsider knowledge. The European Space Office's Follow Gas Orbiter, which circles Mars, sent a scrambled message to our planet to reenact that precise situation.

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