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"Shah Rukh Khan wept like a baby and I realised..." is how Karan Johar said it when the heartbreaking tale of Kal Ho Naa Ho became his reality when his father battled illness

 On the twentieth commemoration of Kal Ho Naa Ho, here's glancing back at one of the most profound snapshots of Karan Johar's life.

Karan Johar's Kal Ho Naa Ho was the tale of a looking straight at man passing and had made a trip to New York for his therapy, yet for Karan, this story became individual as it was during the making of this film in New York that his dad Yash Johar was determined to have esophageal disease. In his self-portrayal, An Unsatisfactory Kid, Karan returned to this section of his life as he talked about how reel was reflecting genuine during those troublesome months.

Karan partook in his book that when he began going for the film, he did an outside shoot in Toronto where he met an espresso mug peruser who had cautioned him "be careful with the period of August. Be careful with the initial two days of August, since you could get some sort of information that could stir up your life." Also, it was on the second day of August in 2003 that Karan found out about his dad's medical affliction. Reviewing that day, Karan shared that they were shooting Saif Ali Khan's presentation scene in New York when his dad pulled him to the side to share the overwhelming news.

"I took a gander at him and - I have no clue about why these words emerged from my mouth, I have not a great reason - yet I took a gander at him and said, 'Do you have disease?" Karan reviewed. What's more, as his dad said OK, Karan "recently sank, in a real sense sank into a seat in the room."

He imparted this sad news to the film's lead entertainer, Shah Rukh Khan, who was playing a disease patient in the film. " I told Shah Rukh. He separated. Then, at that point, I understood the truth of what was going on, on the grounds that he sobbed like a child. He held his stomach, and he just endlessly sobbed, as though from his center. He cried and said 'I've lost one dad, I cannot lose another'," he reviewed. Karan and his group were all the while shooting when this misfortune shook their life. The film was booked to deliver in November and Karan needed to shoot the film, as well as be there with his dad for his treatment.

During the treatment, when a specialist asked Yash what he was doing in New York, he educated him concerning the film and said that it was a withering about a man and had come here for his treatment. The specialist could hardly imagine how they were making a film about something that had turned into their world. Karan reviewed his dad saying, "OK. What is befalling me is what's going on with the film." At that time, Karan noticed his dad's funny bone and reviewed, "I thought, trust my dad to have a funny bone even at such a period."

At the point when he returned to Mumbai, Karan shared that his dad was still in New York for his treatment. What's more, when he ultimately returned to Mumbai, he was granted numerous Lifetime Accomplishment Grants across the honor season, and Kal Ho Naa Ho as well, had been proclaimed hit making it a full go-around for Dharma Creations.

In the interim, the espresso mug peruser who had at first advised Karan to remain be careful with the approaching misfortune, had let him know that his dad will not make due and had just 10 months to live.

Following quite a while of treatment, Yash Johar died in June 2004.

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