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13 AI-powered robots and their wild demonstration videos

 Here are some amazing humanoid robots that astonished the world this year, from Tesla Bot to Alter3.

Elon Musk, as of late exhibited his most recent creation, the Optimus Gen-1. Following headways in enormous language models, it appears to be the competition to make the most remarkable simulated intelligence supported robot is escalating. The Tesla Optimus account shared a demo video of Optimus Gen-1, which set off a discussion around man-made intelligence robots.

Mechanical technology and its conjunction with Man-made consciousness are interesting spaces. Over the most recent few years, various advanced mechanics organizations all over the planet have explored different avenues regarding simulated intelligence to exhibit their heavenly robots. In popular Hollywood sci-fi films, these robots are not only scientific marvels but also have the potential to serve as human assistants. Here is a gander at some new heavenly mechanical technology exhibitions, like Musk's Optimus Gen-1.

In 2013, the bipedal humanoid robot Atlas was developed by Boston Dynamics Atlas, a US-based robotics and automation company. Since then, the company has been experimenting with the robot. Atlas demonstrated its newly acquired skills in a brief video that was shared by the company earlier this year. Atlas is depicted interacting with a variety of objects. It can be seen that the humanoid is assisting a worker by picking up something and handing it to the worker on the scaffolding. Atlas has the ability to backflip and somersault.

Optimus Gen-2, a humanoid robot developed by Tesla and owned by Elon Musk, was recently unveiled. This robot can do significantly more than just strolling and talking. The demo started with displaying past forms of the robot. Faster walking speed, tactile sensing on fingers, hand movements, and other features are included in the most recent Optimus Gen-2. It is otherwise called Tesla Bot and was first reported at the computer based intelligence Day occasion in 2021.

The general-purpose humanoid robot developed by Unitree is a product of the Chinese robotics company Unitree. This humanoid robot has some of the best balance ever seen on a bipedal robot. Unitree H1 is professed to be the principal universally useful Humanoid robot and is evaluated at $90,000. It is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 47kg and is fit for strolling at a speed of 5.5 km/hour. The robot has a depth camera and a 3D LiDAR, and it can also map its surroundings in 3D, giving it a precise understanding of the surfaces and objects around it.

Ameca from Designed Expressions

Maybe, this was perhaps of the most extraordinary showing as of late. Ameca is one of the world's most advanced robots. In August, the organization shared a video where Ameca was seen drawing a feline. The video became famous online soon after. Ameca is the first robot to be able to draw on her own thanks to the company's gift of Stable Diffusion. Even though Ameca is not an experienced artist, her drawing is a significant improvement.

Figure is a robotics company based in the United States that specializes in autonomous drones and robots. The company introduced its humanoid robot prototype in October. This dynamically walking general-purpose humanoid robot is referred to as Figure 01. In robotics, dynamic walking means preventing falls by maintaining a certain momentum while moving. The humanoid with a shiny metal exterior is powered by an electric system, is 5.6 feet tall, and weighs 60 kilograms.

evoBot This one-of-a-kind robot is powered by wheels at the bottom and has two legs. EvoBot was made by Fraunhofer IML, an exploration administrations organization situated in Dortmund, Germany. This unique robot is small and light, and it can balance itself without additional weights. The robot is being called the next generation of transportation because it never loses its balance. It has arms with disc-shaped grip pads at the ends that face inward. It can roll and lean forward at up to 10 meters per second.

A warehouse robot has been in development at Amazon Digit for some time. Digit is a humanoid, bipedal robot made by Agility Robotics for Amazon that can work alongside humans. Business Insider reported that Digit costs between $10 and $12 to operate for an hour. Digit is able to move around the warehouse, grasp objects, and handle them.

Disney Exploration's mechanical person

In October, at the 2023 IEEE/RSJ Worldwide Gathering on Canny Robots and Frameworks (IROS), the Disney Exploration group exhibited their most recent robot. The adorable robot, which has a wide range of expressions and is the size of a toddler, was the center of attention. It has long legs, a large head, and wriggly antennae. It strolls like a breeze and has a character. The robot helps one to remember Wall-E the single robot from the Disney exemplary 'Wall-E' (2008)

Alter3 controlled by GPT-4

A group of specialists from the College of Tokyo as of late fabricated a humanoid robot, Alter3. The robot is fit for taking on a scope of postures incorporating a selfie position with the assistance of GPT-4. The team claims that they were able to accomplish this by incorporating GPT-4 into their exclusive Android. Allegedly, the group that made the GPT - 4-based text-to-development robot has plans to make their discoveries accessible for use in other humanoid robots.

This year, the AI robot dubbed EVE was unveiled by the company 1X's Eve Robotics. The robot was supposedly sent as a safety officer at an Android fabricating unit. Cameras, alarm sensors, and motion detectors are among the robot's advanced monitoring systems. EVE is light-footed and can open windows and entryways, get protests, and play out a collection of assignments like people.

The 2016 Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog was developed by the US-based robotics and engineering company. The four-legged robot enlivened by canines weighs around 25 kg. The organization has been adding a few inventive elements to the robot canine since it was sent off. According to reports, the robot can be used for surveillance, extinguishing fires, and combat. It is outfitted with five sound system cameras that proposition full-variety symbolism. The Spot tablet that controls the robot dog comes with it.

Nao from April

Created by April, a mechanical technology organization in Kazakhstan, Nao is a social robot that has been intended to assist youngsters with chemical imbalance. Nao helps professionals make child therapy sessions easy and effective. The makers claim that Nao's intervention causes the child to focus almost immediately, which improves compliance and the therapy's efficacy. The adorable robot teaches everything from language to fundamental arithmetic. Nao is viewed as an example of human-robot collaboration, social mechanical technology, and man-made brainpower.

Apollo is a bipedal general-purpose humanoid robot that is about the size of a human. The company asserts that the robot was developed with the intention of revolutionizing the industrial workforce and other sectors for the purpose of enhancing the human experience. Apollo is 1.7 meters tall and weighs 73 kg and it has a greatest payload limit of 25 kg. It can run on a battery that can be swapped out for about four hours. Most recent reports propose that the organization has made two such robots and has plans to make more from now on.

Every one of the previously mentioned robots have one of a kind capacities. These robots have demonstrated some extraordinary capabilities to assist humans in a variety of tasks, supported by AI and advanced monitoring mechanisms.

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