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Exclusive: "Creating a solid team dynamic is..." - Shikhar Dhawan discusses his strategy for leading the Punjab Kings in the 2024 IPL

 NEW DELHI: Shikhar Dhawan has had a fruitful profession in the Indian Chief Association (IPL) since its beginning. Beginning his IPL profession in the debut season in 2008 with the Delhi Thrill seekers (presently Delhi Capitals), Shikhar Dhawan is known for his sleek strokeplay, capacity to moor the innings, and talent for scoring runs reliably.

Dhawan is the second most noteworthy all-time driving run scorer in the competition, exhibiting his worth as a trustworthy opener. He has amassed 6617 runs from 217 IPL matches at a normal of 35.39, which included two hundreds and 50 fifties.

All through his IPL vocation, Dhawan has been perceived for his forceful yet rich batting style, strong method that has assisted him with contributing altogether to the groups he has addressed.

Talking solely to, Dhawan uncovered how he intends to lead Punjab Lords in the forthcoming time of the IPL. The left-given hitter likewise makes sense of how he handles pressure circumstances during significant matches, how he adjusts to various organizations of cricket and what compels a fruitful group skipper.


Your thoughts on being the IPL's second-leading run scorer all-time... For any cricketer, being the IPL's second-leading run scorer is a source of accomplishment and pride. Accomplishing such a situation in an exceptionally cutthroat and broadly watched cricket association like the IPL reflects reliable execution, expertise, and a huge commitment as an opener. I feel as an opener I have an awareness of certain expectations to keep up with or further develop my presentation each time.

I made my IPL debut in the debut season in 2008 with the Delhi Adrenaline junkies (presently Delhi Capitals). From that point forward I have addressed Delhi Capitals (2008, 2019-21), Mumbai Indians (2009-10), Deccan Chargers (2011-12), Sunrisers Hyderabad (2013-18), and presently Punjab Rulers (2023-present) and am anticipating the 2024 season.

How do you intend to lead the Punjab Kings in the upcoming IPL season as captain?

I will zero in stressing group solidarity and kinship, constructing areas of strength for a bond is fundamental for progress. I will likewise foster a reasonable technique for both batting and bowling and evaluate the qualities and shortcomings of the crew and plan match procedures as needs be. In addition to that, I will likewise guarantee powerful usage of players in view of their assets and the match conditions. Furthermore, will likewise turn the crew to keep players new and keep a decent group all through the competition.

s chief of the Punjab Rulers, how would you encourage cooperation and brotherhood inside the crew?

Clear and successful correspondence assumes a vital part. A capable skipper has the capacity to verbalize contemplations obviously, effectively participate in paying attention to partners, and advance open correspondence inside the group. Giving advice, giving directions, and resolving disagreements are all part of this. A group chief ought to normally encapsulate initiative characteristics, rousing and spurring partners. By demonstrating a robust work ethic, a upbeat outlook, and an unwavering dedication to excellence, they establish the team's atmosphere during activities and elsewhere.

How would you deal with pressure circumstances during significant matches?

Really overseeing pressure circumstances in basic matches is an imperative expertise for competitors across different games. As a batsman, I always place a high value on preparation because thorough preparation builds confidence. I take part in serious practice meetings and reproduce high-pressure situations during preparing to adapt myself to the related sentiments.

As opposed to focusing on the monstrosity of the circumstance, I guide my focus toward the prompt errand and take apart the game or situation into more modest, reasonable parts, zeroing in on the execution of each step.

How would you adjust your game for various organizations of cricket?

Fitting your playing way to deal with various cricket designs requires changes in playing style, techniques, and attitude to satisfy the remarkable needs of each arrangement.

Given Test cricket's drawn out term, tolerance becomes foremost. Bowlers must concentrate on maintaining consistent lines and lengths, while batsmen must maintain their presence at the crease for extended periods.

ODIs require a fragile harmony between speedy scoring and building organizations. While bowlers focus on containment and taking wickets at crucial points, batsmen frequently take a more aggressive approach.

T20 cricket requests a strong and creative batting style. Batsmen much of the time utilize forceful shots, including scoops, inclines, and switch-hits, to quickly score.

What do you suppose makes an effective group commander?

I'm respected to lead both the Indian public group and the Punjab Lords IPL group. The success of a captain depends on a combination of leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and a thorough understanding of the sport or activity.

Setting an example, having the ability to motivate others, establishing trust and respect, successfully resolving conflicts, adopting a team-player mindset, and demonstrating adaptability are all important qualities in a captain.

A commander's affection for the game and steadfast obligation to the group's victory are irresistible, encouraging motivation and inspiring partners to give their most extreme.

Commanders ought to have an inside and out comprehension of the game or action, including rules, procedures, and strategies. This information prepares them to settle on all around informed choices and contribute essentially to the group's accomplishments.

You turned 38 last week, kindly offer your mystery of being incredibly fit at this age.

Remaining fit at 38 includes a mix of ordinary activity, a decent eating regimen, adequate rest, and sound way of life decisions. Participate in a blend of cardiovascular activities, strength preparing, and adaptability works out. Practice pressure decreasing exercises like contemplation, profound breathing activities, or side interests. Put forth attainable wellness and wellbeing objectives. This can assist you with remaining roused and zeroed in on keeping a solid way of life.

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