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Park So-dam and Seo In-guk, stars of Death's Game: "Would love to visit India and meet fans"

 Park So-dam, most popular to watchers for her job in Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning film Parasite, said she gained tons of useful knowledge about India through her school companion and Squid Game star Anupam Tripathi.

Although Park So-dam and Seo In-guk, stars of Death's Game, have never been to India, they are aware of the country's popularity of Korean dramas and consider it one of their dream destinations.

So-dam, most popular to watchers for her job in Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning film Parasite and Korean dramatizations, for example, Cinderella with Four Knights and Record of Youth, said she gleaned some significant experience about India through her school companion and Squid Game star Anupam Tripathi.

"I haven't gotten the opportunity to visit India. However, you may be familiar with Anupam, an Indian-born Korean actor who attended my school. We took classes together and in our personal time, we'd go for strolls around a lake together and I heard such a huge amount about India from him," So-dam told PTI in a virtual worldwide roundtable.

Anupam, who broke out with his job of Ali Abdul, a Pakistani traveler laborer in Squid Game, thus dam learned at the Korean Public College of Expressions.

"As of late, I watched the theatrical presentation 'Experience by Accident' where they visit India and I was flabbergasted at the wide range of landscapes and backgrounds India had, contingent upon where you go. So I'd truly very much want to visit one day," she added.

In Amazon Prime Video's fantasy drama Death's Game, which centers on In-guk's Choi Yi-jae, the 32-year-old actor plays Death. Yi-jae attempts to take his life and rankles Demise who makes him experience the aggravation of death 12 additional times through various manifestations. It depends on a well known webtoon.

In-guk, likewise a vocalist, is natural to Korean show lovers for his jobs in Answer 1997, Shopping Ruler Louie, The Grin Has Left Your Eyes, Destruction At Your Beck and call and Bistro Minamdang.

The entertainer, 36, said he feels glad for the love and backing he gets from his worldwide fans. " Tragically, I haven't gotten the opportunity to visit India, so I couldn't want anything more than to go whenever the open door comes and I'd very much want to meet the fans there," he said.

When asked about the global stardom that Korean actors currently enjoy as a result of the international popularity of K-dramas, In-guk stated that he views it as a responsibility.

"I feel exceptionally blissful and thankful that the music I put out and the tales I tell through acting are adored both in Korea and in different regions of the planet. What's more, it provides me with a more prominent feeling of obligation.

"I need to live up to my fans' assumptions with my craft and satisfy sure that my worldwide fans are with what I put out there. It provides me with a feeling of assurance, inspiration and obligation," the entertainer told PTI.

So-dam is pleased that Death's Game is accessible worldwide.

"It fulfills me since we recount a story with numerous widespread subjects and messages that I'm certain will resound with a variety of individuals all over the planet. We likewise have a generally thunderous message about existence, how you ought to think back on it and ponder how valuable we as a whole are and our everyday ordinary lives are. I trust that the worldwide crowds will watch the show and connect with the topics being conveyed," she added.

In-guk, who has proactively highlighted in the dream show Destruction At Your Disposal, said he acknowledged the dramatization since he loved the first webtoon.

"The show conveys a vital message, and one makes me glance back at my own life as well. That is the thing I was attracted to the most," he added.

So-dam gets back in the saddle to the screen subsequent to going through a medical procedure for papillary thyroid malignant growth in December 2021.

The entertainer said the content of Death's Down came to her during when she was "pondering the ideas of life and passing".

"At the point when I was perusing the content, I profoundly connected with the story and it provided me with a ton of something worth mulling over. Furthermore, I wound up intently following the profound circular segment of the primary person. It was likewise a fast perused and carried me to tears," she said.

The initial four episodes of Death's Down are accessible on Prime Video. The second piece of the show will debut on the decoration in January.

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