Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Pita Limjaroenrat, the rejected Thai PM candidate, is facing a legal battle that could terminate her career

 BANGKOK: Thailand's defeated political decision champ Pita Limjaroenrat said Wednesday he was sure he would "get equity" in the wake of giving proof in a legal dispute that could see him banished from legislative issues.

The Protected Court is thinking about whether the previous head of the Push Ahead Party (MFP) disrupted guidelines prohibiting individuals from parliament from possessing shares in media organizations.

The 43-year-old has demanded he will campaign for office in the future, yet assuming that the court disallows him, he could be excluded from parliament by and large.

MFP won the most seats in Thailand's Might general political race however Pita was obstructed from becoming head of the state by moderate powers went against to his change plan.

"I was happy with the systems. I have affirmed according to plan," he told correspondents in the wake of giving proof to the court, which is shut to media.

"I'm certain that I will get equity and I desire to work for individuals."

On showing up at court prior toward the beginning of the day, Pita said he had no worries about the case.

"I've been hanging tight during the current day quite a while so I can speak with others that I am sure of reality," he said.

The case spins around shares in the long-ancient ITV TV channel, which Pita says he acquired from his dad when he passed on.

Around 15 to 20 MFP allies assembled external the court to back Pita, including some wearing the party's dazzling orange tone.

In May, MFP beat the Pheu Thai party of veteran political playmaker Thaksin Shinawatra into second place thanks to the support of young, urban Thais who were tired of a nearly decade of military rule.

However, the powerful elite of the kingdom was alarmed by MFP's plans to change Thailand's strict laws against insulting royals, break up business monopolies, and challenge the military's influence in politics.

Senators appointed by the previous junta prevented Pita from becoming prime minister, and Pheu Thai formed a coalition with pro-military parties that kept MFP out of power.

Pita ventured down as party pioneer in September.

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