Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Tech News Today: iQOO to release more accessories, Vivo X100 series launches in India, and more

 Today's Tech News (December 17, 2023): The launch of Vivo's flagship X100 series of smartphones in India has been officially confirmed, and iQOO's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered iQOO 12 may soon introduce its first smartwatch and TWS.

Today's Tech News in India: As per the most recent online entertainment post by Vivo India, the Vivo X100 series of cell phones will before long send off in India and iQOO is equipping to send off the following arrangement of contraptions in China. The company is expected to announce the iQOO Neo 9, Neo 9 Pro, iQOO Watch, and TWS 1e at an upcoming event.

Vivo has confirmed that the flagship X100 series, which is powered by the brand-new MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC, will soon launch in India. The company is also expected to launch both the Vivo X100 and the Vivo X100 Pro in the country, just like it did with the Vivo X90 series.

iQOO to introduction to smartwatch, TWS

iQOO is supposed to send off its first smartwatch - - iQOO Watch, which is supposed to be founded on the Vivo Watch 3 and the organization is additionally expected to declare a mid-range sets of mini headphones - - TWS 1e with highlights like dynamic commotion crossing out, 3D all encompassing sound, and more alongside the iQOO Neo 9 series of cell phones, controlled by the most recent chip from MediaTek.

Pixel cell phones gain symptomatic instrument application

Google has delivered another symptomatic instrument application for Pixel cell phones, which incorporates fix manuals, which makes fixing a Pixel cell phone significantly simpler. In addition, Pixel smartphones now feature a specialized repair mode that enables users to protect their data while sending the device in for repair.

Google Photographs application for Android gets a significant update

Google has refreshed its Photographs application for Android cell phones, which currently makes it simple to import photographs from the stage. The new framework wide photograph picker on Google Photographs makes it simple for other applications and administrations to import a photograph or video put away on the Google Photographs application.

Google expands the date for empowering Bluetooth on the Stadia regulator

In the event that you own a Stadia regulator, here is uplifting news, Google stretches out the date to change over your Stadia regulator into a Bluetooth regulator. As a matter of course, the Stadia regulator works over Wi-Fi, and changing over it into a Bluetooth interaction is an irreversible cycle and clients have the opportunity until December 2024 to do likewise.

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