Thursday, December 21, 2023

Women's social wellbeing is impacted by working from home: study

 MUMBAI: Work-from-office has affected the social health of working ladies in huge urban communities, with the quantity of respondents who can invest energy with family dropping from 64% in 2022 to 53% in 2023.

ICICI Lombard's yearly Health File checks how well individuals are doing across different parts of health. The file is as of now at 72 out of 100. It shows that more individuals are involving computerized apparatuses for wellbeing, which is great. Be that as it may, the way individuals - particularly ladies - interface with their networks isn't going so well. Social health, for example, being associated with the local area, is really going down. The examination affected 2,052 individuals in 19 urban communities, taking a gander at the distinctions in age, orientation, where individuals reside, and that they are so liable to have some work. The study from this year demonstrates that an increasing number of people are utilizing digital platforms for well-being.

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