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After reviewing 12th Fail, Anand Mahindra claims Vikrant Massey should receive a national award. Special effects are incomparable to a well-told, straightforward story

 Vikrant Massey- - who plays IPS official Manoj Kumar Sharma in the film- - has been commended by the crowd and partners like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

Entertainer Vikrant Massey is being advertised for Public Honors, that too by Anand Mahindra. The finance manager and the executive of Mahindra Gathering has called producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra's twelfth Bomb an incredible watch and showered acclaim on Vikrant for his strong presentation.

In the film, Vikrant assumes the part of Manoj Kumar Sharma, who conquered outrageous neediness to turn into an Indian Police Administration official. His exhibition and furthermore the film-has been generally adulated by the crowd, including industry partners like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

Anand Mahindra was not left out, as he took to X to write a lengthy note for the movie, discussing it in detail and calling for Vikrant Massey to win the National Awards.

The movie "12th FAIL" finally came out this past weekend. Assuming you see just a single film this year, make it this one. Why? ( 1) Plot: The characters in this story are actual heroes of the country. In addition to the hero, however the large numbers of youth, hungry for progress, who battle against extrordinary chances to pass what is apparently quite possibly of the most serious test on the planet.

(2) Acting: @VidhuChopraa does an excellent job casting the characters. Each character is solid in the job and they turn in abrasive, energetic exhibitions. Yet, @VikrantMassey conveys a grit execution that justifies a Public Film Grant. He was not simply showcasing the person's life, he was living it," a piece of his tweet read.

The finance manager commended the story style of twelfth Fall flat and said Vidhu Vinod Chopra "vehemently" reminds the crowd that "incredible film is about extraordinary stories" and that "enhancements are no counterpart for the straightforwardness and genuineness of a story very much told."

The interview scene was my favorite part. Indeed, it might appear to be a piece devised, yet the significant discourse makes this succession hit you solidly between the eyes and shows you how India should fabricate another Bharat. Mr Chopra, yeh dil maange more movies like this he composed.

Overpowered with his acclaim, Vikrant Massey said thanks to Anand Mahindra and composed that his appreciation for the group's endeavors and "suggestion for the film means everything to me." He added, "And I'm certain each and every colleague a similar fervor. You've been a motivation to millions through your responsibility in greatness and sympathy. Surmise we ever figured things out. Again, my thanks.

In light of a book by Anurag Pathak, twelfth Bomb put a focus on the ascent of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma and how his better half, IRS official Shraddha Joshi, was instrumental in it. Disney Plus Hotstar is currently streaming the movie.

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