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Fans believe that the subtle jab at a new-generation director made by Vijay's father, SA Chandrasekar, is directed at Lokesh Kanagaraj


Vijay's dad SA Chandrasekar, at the sound send off of Desingu Raja 2, talked about how new-gen chiefs could do without analysis. He mentioned a film that was similar to Vijay's Leo but was not named.

Vijay's father, SA Chandrasekar, recently spoke at a film event about how new-generation filmmakers are afraid of criticism. His assertion has turned into a web sensation as it is seen as a dig at chief Lokesh Kanagaraj, who coordinated Vijay's most recent delivery, Leo. SAC talked about his discussion with an anonymous chief and how he cut the call when SAC began to talk about things that didn't work for him.

At the audio launch of Vemal's lead role in director Ezhil's Desinghu Raja 2, SAC discussed the director. The veteran chief, who presented Vijay as an entertainer, said that a chief can support himself in the business just when he is prepared to take analysis. He then, at that point, described his call with a chief to bring up how the new-gen producers are not responsive to analysis.

"I happened to see the first copy of a film before it was released, and I called the director to share my views," he stated. He was expressing his gratitude to me while I was enjoying the movie. However, as soon as I began expressing my concerns regarding the film, he ended the call, stating that he was about to eat and would call later. Yet, he won't ever get back to."

SAC said that he tracked down the segments in the film that depicted an issue between a dad and a child. " I let him know such things don't actually occur and it won't work. The same parts were criticized by fans and critics when they were released.

On the internet, fans were quick to point out how the movie SAC talked about and Vijay's Leo are similar. Due to superstitious beliefs, the hero's father sacrifices his daughter in Leo, resulting in their conflict. Leo likewise got negative remarks for the last part. Fans now view SAC's speech as a viral hit.

It is important to note that SAC and Vijay do not get along well. Earlier, Vijay filed a lawsuit against his father because SAC had announced a political party in his name. SAC was, however, invited to participate in Varisu's audio launch, so it was assumed that everything was well between the two.

In the mean time, Vijay is as of now going for his impending film with Venkat Prabhu, named Best. The film likewise has Prabhudheva, Prashanth, Laila, Sneha, Meenakshi Chaudhry, and Mohan in significant jobs.

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