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Janhvi Kapoor remembers "howling" when she received the news of Sridevi's passing and says her sister Khushi hasn't cried since: "She began consoling me"

 Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor focused on the passing of Sridevi, and how they upheld each other through this misfortune.

It was a shock to her family and fans when veteran actor Sridevi passed away in February 2018 because she appeared to be healthy and was only 54 at the time. Janhvi and Khushi, her two little girls, as of late showed up on the most recent episode of Koffee with Karan and focused on the day Sridevi died. Janhvi recalled receiving the call while she was still in her room, and as soon as she hung up, her sister could be heard crying in the room next door.

"At the point when I got the call, I was in my room, and I could hear moaning from Khushi's room, and I assume I jumped into her room wailing and crying. Yet, what I in all actuality do recollect is, she took a gander at me and the moment she took a gander at me, she quit crying. She recently quit crying. She sat close to me and began soothing me. Furthermore, I have never seen her cry about it since," Janhvi shared inwardly. Khushi said that despite the fact that she is the most youthful, she felt like she needed to "maintain a reasonable level of control" for her loved ones. " As Karan remarked that this was a "tough burden to take at your age," she shared, "I think I felt like I had to hold it together for everyone because I feel like I have always been the strong one."

The sisters likewise shared that when they "become profound about things, they don't show it to one another." The Archies entertainer was 18 when Sridevi died, and she said that it took her some time to embrace her new situation. " It took me some time when it happened to sort of acknowledge it. I figure it did out of nowhere hit me sooner or later however I was a little befuddled I don't have any idea. However, I had Janhvi, I had Father so they were only sort of there to help me," she said.

Karan referenced perusing an old meeting of Sridevi, where the late entertainer had shared that Khushi was "all the more sincerely prepared" to be in the entertainment world than Janhvi, suggesting that despite the fact that Khushi was more youthful, she was all the more genuinely developed. " The elements have changed such a huge amount since she has passed. She is similarly my child and my mother now and again. When Janhvi was discussing her relationship with Khushi at the moment, she said, "And at times I am equally her baby and her mom."

Sridevi died in UAE in 2018 days subsequent to going to a family wedding.

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