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Prasanth Varma on the beginning of the Telugu superhero franchise: "HanuMan is just the tip of the iceberg"

 HanuMan denotes the start of a realistic universe and Prasanth Varma has previously arranged two subsequent meet-ups - - Jai Hanuman and Adhira.

HanuMan, the most recent Telugu film that has enthralled the crowds the nation over, is only the beginning stage of a new superhuman establishment, says chief Prasanth Varma, who has forever been captivated by Indian culture.

Featured by Teja Sajja, HanuMan has turned into an out of control hit, gathering over Rs 200 crore at the worldwide film industry. The film has been commended by pundits for its portrayal of the exemplary good clashing with evil superhuman story with a dash of folklore.

Its prosperity feels downright a fantasy, said Varma, who prior coordinated Wonder and Zombie Reddy.

I was unaware that everything was taking place. The 34-year-old filmmaker told PTI in an interview that it took two to three days for all of this to sink in because "never in my life have I experienced so much success in terms of love from the audience."

“The audience loved all of my previous films, but we never made a lot of money from them. I was that filmmker who makes great film yet doesn't rake in tons of cash for the makers. In any case, I think without precedent for my profession, it has occurred in such a way… I think it is effectively multiple times more than any of my past movies," he added.

HanuMan is set in an imaginary spot called Anjanadri, where Hanumanthu (Sajja), a frivolous cheat who gets the powers of Master Hanuman. He faces Michael, who longs to possess a power that would make him a formidable superhero, in order to save the people of Anjanadri.

Prasanth Varma has already planned two sequels, Jai Hanuman and Adhira, to follow the film as the beginning of a cinematic universe.

"I have forever been captivated by the narratives from our folklore and culture. At the point when I was exploring HanuMan, I found more characters in our folklore that we have not exactly investigated. They are also unknown to the audience. So I thought, it'd be fascinating if I would make new characters and portray their significance simultaneously," he said.

It is very much a tightrope stroll for a producer to investigate fanciful stories without harming the opinions of individuals. Varma, who is passionate about mythological tales and characters, stated that the purpose of a storyteller in making a movie is what matters most.

"My intent was accurate. I would have rather not made this film to rake in some serious cash. Assuming I would have done that, I'm certain individuals would track down numerous issues in the film. Since the goal was valid, everything fell set up. Regardless of whether we committed little errors, I think individuals were alright with that in light of the fact that the expectation was generally good," he said.

Varma said it's difficult to make a hero film in India, particularly because of monetary requirements.

"To compose a new superhuman with novel powers and shortcomings is troublesome on the grounds that there are so many superheroes that are now there with (Hollywood studios) Wonder and DC," he added.

In a nation where ordinary legends are introduced as amazing figures, making a superhuman film is a test, he said.

Our heroes already perform the majority of the stunts performed by superheroes. We show our legends as though they're as of now superheroes and divine beings. They can kick 100 individuals in one go or do gravity-opposing tricks. Therefore, our heroes' actions have already been seen by the audience. So regardless of whether we say a hero, it doesn't look a very remarkable distinction. So that is likewise the test for us," the chief added.

Hanu Man denotes Varma's third coordinated effort with Teja Sajja after they cooperated on two 2021 movies Zombie Reddy and Adbhutham. The movie producer hailed Sajja as a "passionate about entertainer is "enthusiastic about film".

"At the point when I was projecting for this film, I needed to project an entertainer who could give his 100% and be completely dedicated to this film. He had to keep a certain appearance and dress the part. As a result, Teja seems suitable. He is the most adorable dark horse and an astounding entertainer who can give me sufficient opportunity to make this film," he added.

Delivered by Primeshow Diversion, HanuMan additionally stars Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Vinay Rai.

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