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Six incidents of chain snatchers who only struck on Sundays resulted in 4-year RIs

 MUMBAI: In an uncommon occasion, a 35-year-old Parel man was condemned to four years' thorough detainment (RI) in six distinct cases around the same time after he grabbed gold chains from ladies who were installed nearby trains on the Focal Railroad among Oct and Dec 2019. The denounced, Shekhar Shinde, serious all violations on Sundays, when the casualties were out with their families, seeing family members or sanctuaries.

The blamed took an all out for 66 grams of gold worth around Rs 4.10 lakh. A gold smith, Rajnish Karanjavkar, who was blamed for purchasing the taken gold, was anyway cleared for absence of proof. Condemning Shinde, on Thursday, a seesions court judge AA Joglekar said, "The discipline to be recommended for an offense ought to have nexus with the gravity of the wrongdoing perpetrated. The goal of prevention and renewal will likewise must be thought of. No relieving conditions are brought out by the denounced with the exception of that missing and he being sole worker for his loved ones. It is clear that the gravity of wrongdoing ought to adjust the discipline recommended for such offense."

Looking for the most extreme sentence, public examiner Abhijeet Gondwal presented that the idea of offense warrants no unnecessary tolerance and that it would likewise be a directive for such other criminal components in the general public. In February 2020, Shinde was detained. In the main case, on Oct 13, 2019, the person in question and her sister had gone to Dadar for shopping. Later she boarded a train from Dadar Focal railroad station. At around 3.30 pm, when the train was to arrive at Matunga rail line station, the lady understood that her 10gm gold chain was absent.

Comparably on Dec 22, 2019, another casualty was going alongside her sibling to Dadar. The woman realized that someone had snatched her chain from behind when they tried to board the train at 2.30 p.m. on their return. A pendant was attached to a 10.15gm gold chain. After seven days, one more casualty who was headed to meet family members at Vikhroli, lost her gold mangalsutra weighing 15gm after somebody grabbed it. In practically no time, a Kandivli-based lady, joined by her child, who was changing trains at Dadar to see family members in Titwala found her chain gone. Two months sooner, on Oct 20, 2019, a lady who was getting back alongside her significant other subsequent to visiting Siddhivinayak sanctuary, endeavored to board the train at Dadar. She quickly let her better half know that somebody was endeavoring to grab her 6gm chain. A comparable occurrence was accounted for a 15gm by a lady chain on Nov 3, 2019 she was headed to Kalwa to see family members alongside her loved ones.

Following the complaints, the prosecution claimed that CCTV footage from the railway stations assisted in locating the accused.

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