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Tear gas is used by Pakistani police to disrupt an Imran Khan supporters' pre-election protest


KARACHI: On Sunday, less than two weeks before a national parliamentary election in which Khan was prevented from running due to a criminal conviction, Pakistani police used tear gas to disperse supporters in the southern city of Karachi.

A Related Press journalist at the scene saw somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 individuals getting captured at the assembly. According to police, a dozen members of Khan's political party were detained for blocking the road and attacking officers.

In spite of the fact that Khan won't be on the polling form for the Feb. 8 political race, he stays a powerful political power due to his grassroots following and insurgent way of talking. He claims that the legal cases brought against him were part of a plan to isolate him before the vote.

Senior police director Sajid Siddozai expressed laborers from Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, or PTI party coordinated the convention without getting consent from specialists and obstructed the street. Siddozai affirmed the utilization of nerve gas.

"At the point when police authorities endeavored to arrange and convince them not to impede the street, they went after the police," he said. " This brought about wounds to five police authorities, including a female official. The condition of one of the wounded is critical.

Siddozai added that the police operation was still going on.

Waheedullah Shah, a PTI worker, said that Sunday's event in Karachi was peaceful and that Khan had called for rallies all over the country. However, police arrested our employees and dispersed our rally, Shah stated. We won't be dissuaded by such strategies. We will always support Khan and stand by him.

There were brutal shows after Khan's May 2023 capture. Specialists have gotten serious about his allies and party from that point forward.

Due to “pre-poll rigging,” Pakistan's independent human rights commission has stated that a free and fair parliamentary election next month is unlikely. It likewise communicated worry about specialists dismissing the applications of Khan and senior figures from his party.

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