Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The Maharashtra Labour Department notifies TCS of the transfers

 BENGALURU: The Maharashtra government's work division has served a notification to TCS over its new exchange strategy. The protest recorded by worker's guild Nites claimed that TCS moved more than 2,000 representatives without giving them enough lead time to migrate to an alternate city nor gave them an open door to discussion, hence making difficulty workers. " The organization had undermined representatives that inability to follow the exchange headings will bring about disciplinary activities," its leader Harpreet Singh Saluja said in a letter to the office.

TCS 's email to someemployees requesting that they migrate to Mumbai said, "... This is regarding your exchange request to TCS Mumbai followed by an exchange email guiding you to answer to expressed branch in something like 14 days and complete the exchange cycle. In any case, it has been noticed that you have neglected to answer to the moved branch till date... the organization is starting a stoppage of your compensation with prompt impact." TOI has seen a duplicate of the email.

Nites has requested that the work division examine TCS's exchange practices to decide whether it's disregarding state work regulations. An email shipped off TCS didn't get a reaction till the hour of going to press.

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