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Winner of Bigg Boss 17 Munawar Faruqui is accosted by fans and trips as they attempt to take a selfie with him


Once more in the wake of seeing a fan furor at Dongri, Bigg Supervisor 17's victor Munawar Faruqui was mobbed by fans as he ventured out for supper with Abdu Rozik.

Professional comic Munawar Faruqui arose as the victor of Bigg Manager 17 on Sunday. He has been witness to a swooning sea of fans attempting to meet him since then. Simply a day in the wake of being proclaimed the champ, the standup humorist went to Dongri with his prize and was welcomed by huge number of fans. On Tuesday, he went out to party with previous Bigg Supervisor hopeful Abdu Rozik in Mumbai and got mobbed by fans, who wished to get an image clicked with him.

On social media, he attempted to leave the restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai, in several videos that went viral. The recordings showed Munawar getting moved by individuals around him and his group making a solid attempt to control the group. However, the comedian falls at one point after being pushed so hard.

In the midst of the bedlam, Munawar likewise lashed out with a fan kid into the horde just to get a photograph with him.

A significant number of fans celebrated Munawar's Bigg Boss 17 victory, but there were also some claims that it was rigged. His old buddy Mannara Chopra additionally remarked on the very, saying that she doesn't know whether it was fixed or not. She likewise responded to Munawar's cases that she made him anxious on the show by kissing him.

Mannara responded by telling E-Times, "Oh my god! This is an odd statement. This kind of footage is rare. I don't be aware in what setting he said that, however assuming he has, he really wants to publically apologize to me."

Bigg Manager 17 was very trying for Munawar as his own life was delayed the show by and large, presenting to him the 'lady miscreant' tag. In a meeting with, the Bigg Supervisor 17 victor shared how he wanted to manage this.

"I was not okay with my personal life being dragged on the show to this extent," he stated. However, things were not in my control. It was what was going on I would have rather not confronted, however I had no choice. I'm not pleased with anything I did, however I need to continue on and improve things now. This multitude of labels irritate me a ton, yet in the event that you misunderstand followed through with something, you will get its discipline as well. "

On the show, Munawar also talked about having mental breakdowns. There was not a solitary day that I have not cried under the sweeping or in the restroom, I felt extremely vulnerable," he said.

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