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At a gathering, Anupam Kher stood up to offer Rajesh Khanna his seat; Mahesh Bhatt angrily told him to return to his seat, saying, "He had an inferiority complex"

 Mahesh Bhatt reviewed a tale about Anupam Kher's instinctual response after encountering Rajesh Khanna.

Entertainer Anupam Kher rejoined with his Saransh chief Mahesh Bhatt for a visit on the film's nineteenth commemoration. Kher was introduced to the film industry by Saaransh, and the actor has frequently recounted tales of how Bhatt nearly replaced him in the film. During the talk, which was directed for Anupam's Entertainer Gets ready understudies, Bhatt reviewed a story about going over Rajesh Khanna at a party, and what occurred straightaway.

Bhatt said that he would ensure that Kher follow alongside him to Bollywood parties, so that individuals in the business become mindful of him. Commending Kher, Bhatt said, "I have consistently considered him to be an enormous hearted man." He reviewed in Hindi, "I used to make him follow alongside me. There was a major beautician in our industry, who had a house in Pali Slope. What's more, they'd have gatherings for stars there."

He proceeded, "I was welcome to one of those gatherings, and those days, I'd go any place free liquor would take me. I requested that Anupam go along. He brought his sibling along too. I acquainted him with everyone, and we proceeded to take seats in the gallery." "Duniya bhar ke stars wahan par (Every star was there)" Kher added.

Bhatt continued with his story, "Rajesh Khanna, the amazing star, strolled in with his better half. He had such a magnetism about him. Anupam took one gander at him and began to get up from his seat. What's more, I directed him to put right down. ' Plunk down!' I said. He comprehended the reason why I advised him to plunk down. I didn't advise him to plunk down to toss mentality. There were such countless void seats, for what reason would he say he was offering his? He had an inferiority complex, but I saw a generous man in him.

Bhatt said that every individual who comes to Mumbai to enter the universe of movies has a feeling of inadequacy, since they need to copy their screen icons. Kher has frequently recounted the tale of how he almost abandoned his fantasies and got back since he'd been supplanted by Bhatt in Saaransh, yet not long prior to leaving, he chose to rake over the coals to the producer. Noticing his enthusiasm and outrage, Bhatt chose to put all his strength behind getting him back ready the film.

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