Monday, February 12, 2024

Authorities investigating food safety raid cotton candy stores on Chennai's Marina beach; possible chemical contamination


The FSSAI authorities said they would be taking examples of other food things too to really look at pollution.

The Food handling and Standard Power of India (FSSAI)officials struck the cotton sweets shops in Marina ocean side in Chennai days after a comparative strike was directed in Puducherry where the examples of the cotton treats affirmed the presence of color, destructive for utilization.

A group of authorities drove by P Satheesh Kumar, the devoted sanitation official in Chennai, struck the shops on Thursday night.

While tending to the journalists, he noted following the media reports of a strike in Puducherry, the public authority guided the specialists to direct strikes and send the examples to the research facility to really take a look at the presence of Rhodamine B.

"Our groups of authorities are directing actually looks at all through the city. The cotton confections are sold in huge numbers in regions like Marina, Elliot sea shores. We are checking whether there is any industrial facility inside the city which makes these confections, yet at this point, we comprehend that no such plants are available here. These confections are arranged utilizing little machines. The venders here say that they had gotten these from a unit in Pallavaram, and this multitude of individuals who are found selling these are non-locals of Tamil Nadu," Kumar said.

He added that during the merry season the cotton confections are very famous in town regions and environmental elements. " We are awaiting the results of the lab. In the event that the outcomes say these are perilous for utilization, we will give a prohibition on selling of these things and start legitimate activity against the dealers as well as their proprietors," he added.

The FSSAI authorities noted separated from confections, they will be taking an example of other food items offered in the sea shores to check for pollution.

"These pollutants could prompt Disease and influence all organs of the body. The color involved here for readiness of confections are by and large utilized for modern purposes. Public are mentioned not to get them until we distribute our outcomes," he added.

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