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DIY ubtan for skincare before the wedding


Planning for your big day includes choosing the ideal dress and setting, yet in addition guaranteeing your skin is gleaming and brilliant. Ubtan, a conventional Ayurvedic skincare cure, is a magnificent decision for pre-marriage skincare. Loaded with normal fixings, ubtan assists with purifying, shed, and feed the skin, leaving it looking immaculate. Here is a Do-It-Yourself ubtan recipe alongside its advantages for accomplishing that sought after wedding gleam:

Do-It-Yourself ubtan recipe for pre-wedding skincare:


Besan, or chickpea flour: 2 tablespoons

Turmeric powder: 1/2 teaspoon 

Sandalwood powder: 1/2 teaspoon

Crude milk or rose water: Enough to frame a glue

Almond powder: 1 tablespoon (discretionary)

Saffron strands: A squeeze (discretionary)

Honey: 1 teaspoon (discretionary)


Consolidate dry fixings: Mix the almond powder (if using), turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, and chickpea flour in a bowl. Blend well to guarantee even conveyance of fixings.

Add fluid fixings: While continuously stirring, gradually add raw milk or rose water to the dry ingredients. Blend until you accomplish a smooth glue like consistency. Change the amount of fluid depending on the situation to guarantee the glue isn't excessively thick or excessively runny.

Discretionary increments: For added benefits, you can consolidate saffron strands absorbed a teaspoon of milk for a couple of moments. Furthermore, you can incorporate honey for its saturating properties. Add these optional components to the ubtan paste and mix thoroughly.

Allow it to rest: Permit the ubtan glue to rest for around 5-10 minutes to allow the fixings to merge together.

Application: Prior to applying the ubtan, scrub your face with a gentle chemical to eliminate any soil or pollutions. Then, at that point, apply the ubtan equitably to your face and neck, delicately rubbing in round movements. Leave the ubtan on for 15-20 minutes to permit the fixings to do something amazing.

Get rid of: After the distributed time, flush off the ubtan with tepid water, delicately cleaning in round movements to shed the skin. Circle back to a sprinkle of cold water to close the pores.

Moisturise: Wipe your skin off with a delicate towel and circle back to your most loved lotion to secure in hydration and keep your skin graceful.

Advantages of Do-It-Yourself ubtan for pre-marriage skincare:

Exfoliation: Chickpea flour goes about as a characteristic exfoliant, assisting with sloughing off dead skin cells and uncover a more brilliant composition.

Anti-inflammatory: Turmeric powder has powerful calming properties that assistance to relieve bothered skin, decrease redness, and advance an unmistakable coloring.

Brightening: Saffron is known for its skin-lighting up properties, assisting with bestowing a brilliant sparkle to the skin, ideal for accomplishing that wedding radiance.

Nourishment: Crude milk is wealthy in lactic corrosive, which assists with hydrating and sustain the skin, leaving it delicate and graceful.

Toning: Rose water goes about as a characteristic astringent, assisting with conditioning and fix the skin, limiting the presence of pores and giving your composition a young appearance.

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