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FIH Hockey Pro League: India's beating heart, Hardik Singh, PR As the hosts defeat the Netherlands in a thrilling match, Sreejesh once again shines tall

 India defeats the Netherlands in the shootout to earn a bonus point after a tense 2-2 draw in regulation time.

That Hardik Singh is the heartbeat of the Indian men's hockey group could never have been more clear than on Sunday in Bhubaneswar.

The bad habit commander was at the focal point of most things great his side did in the FIH Hockey Expert Association match against world No. 1 Netherlands. In an arresting game between two top sides, India started to lead the pack through Hardik and scored a balancer late on because of skipper Harmanpreet Singh, from a PC that his representative won. A 2-2 draw saw the groups share a point each before PR Sreejesh displayed in class in the shootout as India won an extra reward point.

It wasn't exactly two groups going full scale going after all through the game, it was a touch of 'feline and-mouse' as Dutch mentor Jeroen Delmee put it at half time. In any case, the match developed into a decent crescendo before India edged it eventually.

Talking before the match, India lead trainer Craig Fulton trusted that India would match themselves well facing the world No. 1 and, while there were a couple of stressing botches, the South African would have been satisfied with what he saw by and large.

Hardik, India's lifeblood A year ago, India struggled to overcome Hardik's injury in the middle of the World Cup. He was devastated after India lost to New Zealand in the pre-quarterfinal, despite a strong start to the tournament.

Sunday was one more sign of the amount India missed him then, as he managed everything from the focal point of midfield. The Dutch began the match splendidly, hoping to surprise the Indian safeguard with long passes - both airborne and on the ground. The ball was pinging off their sticks with amazing mood and for a large portion of the initial quarter, India needed to hang in, with some sharp profound safeguarding.

It was one of those long passes that India figured out how to separate that prompted the initial objective. Hardik ran with the ball for the greater part the length of the field to track down Sukhjeet Singh. The forward held the ball and slid a pass back to Hardik.

The finish from Hardik was all about playing with control, which is one of Fulton's mantras. He took a touch and afterward directed the ball into the net as though he was tenderly passing a ball to his colleague, just this one beat the Dutch goalkeeper Maurits Visser, who appeared to be shocked that the ball came at him from an intense point.

A blend of good protection and one snapshot of brightness from Hardik gave India the lead contrary to the rules. Hardik then, at that point, delivered a magnificent take five minutes into the second quarter as he read a Dutch long pass well. After several minutes, he thought of a fine spill to win a punishment corner for India with cunning course change and 3D abilities.

However, the Dutch are the world's top side for an explanation and they tracked down objectives on one or the other side of the half chance to go into the lead. At the finish of Q2, Manpreet Singh's jumping capture was considered to be purposely sending the ball behind the byline and Jip Janssen terminated it in from the Punishment Corner

With Fulton saying his group needed to get better at staying away from turnover of assets, the beginning of Q3 saw India lose the ball more regularly. From one such turnover at midfield, the Netherlands had a spell of ownership that brought about a PC. Koen Bijen was the fastest in the circle this time to score off a rebound.

In any event, when India had a normal second from last quarter, it was Hardik who drove the group forward. India started strongly in the final quarter, and their bravery would be rewarded later. Hardik responded fastest to a free ball in the Netherlands' going after third and drew a push from the Dutch protection. Harmanpreet rushed to allude this to the video umpire and India had a PC with two minutes left.

Once more, sreejesh conveys

Mentor Delmee's one desire before the match was that his side would need to get India far from punishment corner circumstances, however in the wake of shielding great till then, it would end up being the unequivocal second. India's drag flickers didn't have the best time after a good night from set pieces against Spain... until this instance. Harmanpreet scored the equalizer in his 200th India appearance with his best drag flick of the night as Hardik stepped up to inject.

India had taken their goalkeeper off with 2:43 left in the match and scored the balancer. PR Sreejesh, their hero, returned to the field shortly thereafter and made a superb save in the final moments to advance his team to a shootout. Once more, furthermore, there, he'd sparkle, beginning with a dazzling reflex save prior to forestalling one more Dutch objective by holding his ground. No more bizarre to last-minute intercessions, Sreejesh guaranteed India would remain unbeaten throughout the end of the week (after a great excursion against Spain as well) to convey an ideal update toward the beginning of the Olympic year that he is as yet the fundamental man between the posts.

Hardik declared after claiming the player-of-the-match award: We showed the standard where we need to be." Five focuses from two matches to begin the Genius Association is a decent impression of that opinion.

Scorers (guideline time): India 2-2 Netherlands - Hardik Singh (13′), Harmanpreet Singh (58′), Jip Janssen (30′), Koen Bijen (39′)

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