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GeethanPost is delivering great news, good news, and genuine news to our newsreaders. GeethanPost offers an excellent opportunity for you to share your written articles with us. We always welcome quality articles and we are eager to showcase your thoughts to the world. The GeethanPost's main mission is to deliver great value articles to our readers and our vision is discovering various news information, knowledge sharing them with our readers. 


Before submitting your article, please read our guidelines.

Articles should be: 

  • The written articles must be of simple language and easy to understand for everyone
  • You should be giving one relevant picture for each article on the left side of the article
  • Do not write any political, religious or any related topics
  • You should write each article with at least a minimum of the 2500 words but less than 10,000 words
  • Suggest a few hashtags along with your articles
  • The articles should be prepared in a way so that we can review and/or edit them before publishing.

How to submit your articles with us

Whoever is interested in submitting their articles, kindly send them through to us at 

The writer's best articles would be published in GeethanPost.


If you would like to showcase your writing skills and expertise, we would like to have the opportunity to publish your articles. We would like to share the same with our social media readers like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Broad Topics

  • Foreign News - Worldwide, world trending, other country's interesting news, etc.  
  • Business News - All types of industries business news, company sales and profit news, company plans and business innovation, business new products ideas, etc. 
  • Social News - public welfare, social justice, court rules, amendment of laws, a social person related news, etc.
  • Events News - a local and international special event in malls, public places, religious places, sports event schedules,  
  • Fashion - Fashion Industry, Fashion product or material, style, vintage collections, new making fashion product, market to new fashion stuff, etc.
  • Sports - All type of sports news in local and international 
  • Entertainment - film and movies and news of box office collection, trending on high topics movies, the celebration of awards in Hollywood, Bollywood, public entertainment news in street, stage and anywhere,  
  • Disasters - Disasters news anywhere in the world, warning and predict disaster news, nature disaster, unnatural disaster new, etc.,
  • Health - Human health care news, how to prevent from various disease like a virus, bacteria news, health tips, health supplementary new, homemade health care news, homemade health foods news, human various parts caring health news, children care news,etc.,
  • Lifestyle - To write yoga, exercise, life, travel, food news, diet, weight loss, social changes, motivation, inspiration, design of arts, etc.
  • Beauty - Skincare, beauty, photography, natural home remedies beauty tips, hair care, cosmetics varieties, etc.
  • OMG - To write very interesting local and world news, special talents, special events, scared news, viral news in social media, etc. 

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