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Apple's trajectory

Apple's trajectory

The recent Apple event has introduced a couple of upgrades to their old product lines. Are the apples falling strictly under the tree?

We were all eagerly anticipating the Apple Event, with a buzz of excitement in the office. A prediction game was in full swing, with bets on what new products or upgrades Apple would unveil. Many of us speculated on upgrades to the Apple Pencil, while others imagined a new product line for designers. I, for one, had my money on a new chip.

Guess who was right? While the events were happening, we sensed a feeling of smugness among the viewers. It's the same events again and again. We felt that Apple products have become unoriginal, with the exception of the Vision Pro. That's something else.

The market was neutral after the event. The premarket increase was 0.12%, and this follows the last quarterly results, which drove the share price to a maximum of 10%. So, where is the company really driving towards?

From an innovation standpoint, Vision Pro has been a resounding success. Its groundbreaking features have not only impressed us but also brought in significant revenue. While the exact figures are yet to be released, it's estimated that Vision Pro contributed around $700 million in the last quarter alone. If this trend continues, annual revenues from Vision Pro could potentially reach a staggering $4 billion.

Apple's other product lines could be doing better. iPad sales have been stagnating, and so is the iPhone's growth rate. It was expected that iPhone sales from China would be reduced, but it was not so. That is one of the reasons that the share price rallied after the quarterly results.

So, will the unveiling of new iPad models—iPad Air with larger screen size and iPad Pro with M4 geared towards AI—affect iPad revenue? Most analysts think so. Along with products such as Pencil and the Magic Keyboard, the iPad works really well for artists and designers who are on the go. More computing power means that you do not always need your MacBooks nearby, and you can complete your work with iPads. 

So, where does this leave consumers aching for the innovation surrounding the Apple brand? Nowhere. Apple's only innovative product has been the Vision Pro. This is the only product line that has managed to be groundbreaking and innovative. Still, they have consistently seen upgrade packages over the years. This consistency in upgrading the product lines will keep the average Apple user hooked to the brand for years. But what about the hardcore loyalists? They may be looking for other greener pastures; time will tell.