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Are you into the Oatzempic trend yet?

Are you into the Oatzempic trend yet?

Oatzempic breakfast is now a hot topic on TikTok. We tried it, and here's our investigation.

TikTok trends have always been viral, some good and some really bad. We try almost all TikTok trends to determine if they are good enough. Since the newest trend is health-based, we wanted to ensure correct information.

Oatzempic is the new trend in which you take half a cup of oats, half a squeezed lime, and a cup of water. Then, you blend them in your favorite blend and drink it. It is promised that you will lose 4 pounds in 4 days. Any promise that seems too good to be true is never true. So we reached out to some of our dietician experts, and this is what we heard back.

They explained that oats contain high fiber and are suitable for health. If breakfast is replaced with oats alone, that itself is good. They also told us that lime doesn't add or reduce any value to the breakfast. Its acidity helps to add a little taste to the drink. Also, blending is just a preference, and it avoids milk, which we usually use for oats.

What we heard from the dieticians confirmed what we experienced when our team drank the newly made Oatzempic. It tasted yuck. Lime makes it a little better to drink, but we felt that oats could be better with milk. Also, for the weight loss, we didn't see much change after four days.